A Millenials Appeal To Parents

To the average eye, my appearance would suggest I am indeed a teenager. I am between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. I have my own style, the label of a millennial generation. (And what a privilege it is!) I apply make-up onto my face.

I wear the latest jeans and striped sweaters, and jewelry, and blouses with colorful prints, and high-top skater shoes. I adore hanging out with friends. I spend a large amount of time on my phone. I attend parties, dances, and football games, and competitions, and other events at our high school. But none the less, some of our teenagers might push their limits to claim popularity or even get what they want, unlike me.

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I don’t dye my hair, or wearing revealing clothes, or talk bad about people for fun. I don’t drink (I have tried, but don’t like it) or do any drugs, or tell “attention seeking lies”. I don’t flirt with everyone I see. And, one of the rules of the Millennial generation, I do have people lined up to “get with me”. But, there are many descriptions of a millennial. There is the underdog millennial; the average millennial; the divine millennial.

Each of the three main selections has its extent of variation. I might be, say, placed in between of the finest class. I think everyone has realized that, by this time, there has been great change in our discussed topics. The music has been modified, and will continue to be until it becomes stale. Flirting is slowly becoming out of fashion from being overdone.

Yes, our threatening status is, in fact, improving. But it was not because of the positions in this case discussed in the beginning of this article. I beg all of Generation X, and the many generations before – the so called “older generation” – to overlook our deficiencies, at least for the time being, and to appreciate our worth. I wonder if it occurred to any of you that it required intellectual minds to become and remain a successful young adult. Most certainly! It requires a tremendous amount of intelligence and stamina to keep going at this accelerated pace. It requires self-awareness and self-examination.

We must know our skills and become aware of our limitations. We must always stay on alert. Achievement of Millennial society is a huge and critical undertaking. “Minds?” you ask, suspiciously. “Then why aren’t they used to a better benefit?” Exactly! And can you tell me who is the most responsible for all the stamina being used in the wrong direction? You! You “supportive” generation X and generations before – all of you! “The technology!” you yelp. “It’s the effect of the technology!” And then you blame illegal substances.

Yes! Yet it is you who set the example before us! But this is my point: Rather than helping us fix these problems with stimulating, sympathetic thinking and acting, you confused them for us more hopelessly with devastating public conviction and incrimination. Think back to when you were coping through the adolescent stage. Keep in mind how spontaneous and immersed were the joys, how important and piercing the catastrophes. Most of us, under this system of modernized education, are more advanced and further developed mentally, physically, and vocationally than our parents were at our age. We hold infinite possibilities of the thousands of new inventions within our grasp. We have learned to take conveniences for granted, as well as many luxuries, which would have never been dreamt of in your life.

The universe is at the tip of our fingers. We have and astounding situation on our hands. You have to assist us. Give us support – not distrust. Give us positive aid and advice—not slander.

Praise when we achieve. Have patience and understanding when we make mistakes. We are the pubescent generation. Technology took away our learning foundations and questioned our faith. We are struggling to regain equilibrium.

These times have made us become more experienced and more mature than you were at our age. With this succeeding generation, we need to keep pace with the rapidly advancing tide of civilization. Help us put our knowledge to our best ability. Work with us! Lead us to the right path! Responses to such knowledge and stamina must take action. Give us your helping hand.

Our youth has much disenchantment. Holy forces begin to be felt. The numerous mental states are frequently in the way, struggling against each other for domination. And we millennials don’t understand. There is no one to turn to—no one except other millennials, which is just as complicated and distraught with its dilemmas as us. Everything we read or hear the criticism and sarcasm of the older generation towards us.

It forms and impassable barrier between us. How can we possibly turn to their guidance? In every human there is ambition, a deep and true longing, toward some special goal or accomplishment. Each of us has his own shoe to fill. Each of us has his own talent—be it ever so small. And our deep longing is usually because of what nature has gifted us. Everyone will do their best and be satisfied doing what they truly love and what they are fitted.

In this “age of connoisseurs”, there is no excuses for people being shoved into corners where they do not belong and not be made to fit. The lives of these great people are such misfortunes. That’s why it’s up to you, ones of our supervision, of us less experienced to guide us patiently, and to help reveal, encourage, and grow our eccentric abilities and talents. Study us. Get us to realize that you respect us as fellow citizens, that you expect for us to live up to our highest potential, and to the best that is inside us. It must start with each one of you.

Parents learn about your children. Speak to them more openly. Admire their right to an opinion. Be so accepting and affectionate that they will turn to you for guidance, their joys, or heartaches. Youth is reaching for the top because it’s serious of itself. From this, the damages are left untouched, and, rather than recovering, become more and more contaminating to the heart until the need of relief is reached through ways that aren’t always the best.

Mothers, become more familiar with your children. Be the understanding, caring, joyous partner in crime with your daughter. Become her idol. And aim for that perfect ideal for that future wife of your beloved son. Be his companion.

Help him bloom. Oh what great and powerful influence you could make, if you only will! Fathers, find the souls and minds that lie inside your children. There is an interesting, beautiful, and eternal world inside if you would just take the time and care to explore it. You hold the key to understanding, loving support, and worldly inspiration. Love your daughters and show your affliction towards.

Get her to realize how deep your love is and make her feel like she can trust you with anything she tells you. Be your son’s comrade. Have his interests become your interests. Encourage to establish his way of succeeding in life. And remember this: The more you praise, and celebrate his accomplishment, the more enthusiastic he’ll be to accomplish more! Parents everywhere, point out the right path for success! Believe in us, so that we can learn to believe in ourselves, in life, in God! Be our living examples of your teachings, so you can inspire us with love and support, faith and courage, hope and truth. Remember that we are this nation’s future.

Help us become worthy of the trust you out towards us. Make your lives such an inspiration to us that we strive to become someone else’s inspiration, spreading what we have learned! Is this too much to ask?