Rumi’s Appeal

Rumi’s appeal and approach observe that it is a religious obligation to respect the predeterminations of God through practicing patience. Peace appeals by Sufi faithful and is upheld and advocated. According to them, peace is one of the qualifications to a mature spiritual human being. As observed by Esposito and Yayuz (2003), the religion also appeals to the faithful to search their inner being through the consciousness of love. Moreover, spiritual enlightenment should be taken into consideration. In addition, this patience should be there even during difficulties and calamities (Michom, 2008).

Besides, this should be exhibited even in instances where calamities were as a result of an individual’s cause. In a poetry work specifically designed for Rumi, the author observes the reason and rationale that make the Sufi religion chosen by most people. He also gives reasons of why America is the place where this religion has developed strong appeal. He cites that the secular practices exhibited in America make the regon embrace the faith. Nonetheless, the leader also directs that the words of Rumi through Muhammad are ludicrous without the revelations of the Quran.

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He provides more insights into the religion by intimating that Rumi Persia poems are grouped into two categories of wine and love. Besides, a considerable portion of the Quran content has been removed in order to give Sufi teachings credibility and acceptance in the American society.These poems have made tremendous effects by realizing enormous following to the Islam faith through Sufi. This is evident because the repute of Sufi practices among the Americans is perfect. Sufi faithfully continues to increase throughout America by their universal appeal and respect.

However, a considerable number of people have not managed to collate Islam and Sufism together (Esposito and Yayuz, 2003). This because they presented with stereotype Islam and therefore, frightening. This makes Sufism and Rumi incompatible to Islam, yet they interrelate. Moreoover, Michom (2008) cites that there has been a significant difference in the manner in which the African American has adopted into Sufi religion as compared to other Americans who did through Sufism. These poems receive much reverence in the contemporary America. In the whirling poem, a Sufi faithful is heard whirling in worship of God saying that there is no need for the faithful to go to Mecca in order to meet God since he has found God.

The faithful further cites that God is permanent in his heart.On the other hand, Mathnawi teachings that contain a lot of tangible and trusted (ayat) content from the Quran are becoming renowned these days. Through the practice of whirling Rumi ceremony, the writer opines that Islam as a religion has achieved and realized to make every human aspect sacred by upholding and showing that the means of reaching God is through humane practices. This religion also observes that the voice of God is Rumi thereby advocating for a common means to God and, therefore, achieving ones by observing love (Esposito and Yayuz, 2003).