A Reading Disability

Here are question that I want you to think about before you read this article.

How would you feel if you were in high school and can only read 2nd grade level? You feel very sad and all the time that you have to cry you to sleep because I did the past 10 year of my life. You think what your future going to be if you can’t read? I have a disability of reading and begin when I was five year old. No one in my family has this program of reading. My sister and my brother are so lucky that they don’t have anything wrong with them I feel like I make my parents sad and worried about me. I don’t want them to be worried about me all the time. Today I had a meeting for me about 9th Annual Review meeting.

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In the meet Mrs. Hanna was talk about reading level that I’m can read 2nd grade level. She said I need to go backwards 80% to have a summer reading program with the school. Than my mom Mary Ellen said “Michele can only can read 2nd grade level” than my mom voice made me cry in the meeting. I hate crying in front of people and my mom knew when I was going to. It all begin when all the teacher said some things good at me, but at the end of the meeting than Mrs.

Hanna talk about my reading level, that just break my heart by cry out in the meeting. I know that my reading is going up because Mrs. Head is my reading teacher and we do great leap program. It really helps but I don’t want to not have a reading program this summer or I may get worse again. I have work so hard to make my reading better and I feel so afraid that it will be all for nothing if I can’t get help this summer.

Just because I am doing better it doesn’t mean that I still need help. I am not one of those kids who don’t do my work. I try so hard and want to get better with my reading. I don’t know if I would make it to college. I don’t under stand why the school is not going to give me help this summer?