A Report of the Influence the Internet Has on People’s Lives and Work

Nowadays, Internet becomes more and more important in my life. It changes the way of work and enjoyment. I spend much time searching Internet every day. My life completely changed by Internet. So I want to write a report about the influence of Internet on people’s life and work.

In recent years, the internet is developing very fast and has an important impact on people’s life and work. The network is influencing people’s life in many aspects, both positive and negative matters.Therefore this paper will outline the arguments of the influence on internet in people’s life, show that the positive and negative influences on daily life, the role that the internet has played. Actually, computer network originated in USA in the 1960s, it made for military communications. Afterwards, it was gradually used for civilian, through many years of continuous development and perfection, the internet has become a very important part in many fields, such as business, education, government routine office work and electronic community (Scott 1999).Internet had been a large scale used in business and other area, such as education, games online, searching information , network communicates and shopping online.

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Some people found the business of Internet. There are many rising industries. For example, Facebook is an exchange platform on the Internet. It is an amazing area. And another instance is E-buy.

This industry totally changed the way and thinking of shopping. It is easy and amusing to shopping online. In addition, there are many other industries totally changing people’ life and work.Nowadays the network has become a significant part of social structure, it is extensively used in every aspect of business, which includes electronic banking, and electronic commerce, modern enterprise management and information service industry, and these are all based on computer internet system. When the network was new in business, many businessmen doubted its function, but they soon knew the value of internet, because they started to know the value of information and only fresh information had value.From then on, the internet became an important access to information and sharing resource, it has advantages in information, speed and influence.

The internet as a new media, some people use the online world to find fun and search information more than what they has access to school or their local community. The internet will indeed have equal far-reaching influences on how we live and work (Jonathan 1999). The internet also can be a tool to make friends by social network sites such as MySpace and Facebook.It provides an arena to show people’s own styles, in this way, communication become more free and easy. From distance education to government routine office work and electronic community, these fields cannot develop without network technology.

It is no overstate to say that the network has been widely used in the world nowadays. Since the internet was used for civilian, the development of internet has been very fast and the internet has been more important to affect people’s lives and work.On the other hand, the internet influences work wise and life style, both positively and negatively. Although the internet is a virtual space, the advantages of internet include convenience and speed. Its appearance changed the traditional thinking and is a big help to people’s life and work. People can search many well-stocked net libraries at home, it can help us search and collect information.

When people want to do a thematic project without reference, people just need to search internet and find some information about the thematic project.In addition, every kind of newspaper, radio and television media has some service organizations on the internet, people can understand the latest news of the world by searching network news programs. Similarly, people can travel on the network, they can search some other countries’ websites and enjoy many beautiful natural views all over the world. Moreover, internet can help people to know more about the world than people have access to at school or in their local community.Likewise, the internet has greatly changed the way of people’s communication.

“First of all, there is no limit of time or geography” (Benschop 2005 :2) . The internet is an equal and free social environment for communication, people can upload their interests, specialties and some other information to the network, then they can make friends with people from other countries, because there is no distance of time and space on the network. After that, the internet has a very positive influence on improving students’ social communicative abilities.Lacking of confidence is a disadvantage of students that often being mentioned, they are afraid of communicating with others. Now they can overcome the problem by internet, and they can also publish their ideas of every kind of issues on the Internet. Every coin has two sides.

It is the same with the internet. Although internet has a very significant positive influence on people’s life, there is some other negative effects on people’s lives and work. First, in internet security is not 100% safe, there is a kind of people called Hacker who can obtain electronic information without authorization. There is three ways to do that, such as copy it during transmission, access it during storage, or obtain it from an authorized party” (Jean 2000 :66). Hacker has ability to steal vital business information and damage the computer system in this way. The most serious influence of internet is that the internet affects the direct communication between people, because it is easy to use internet to deliver information.

If this trend continues, the society will become indifferent. Furthermore, many young people indulge in the network and they cannot get out of the virtual world.It is different from the real world, people face a virtual world in the internet, the network can provide much information and a free area to show personality of young people, and moreover, people do not need to undertake the pressure and the responsibility of the real life. Because of these features of internet, many young people would rather indulge in the unreal environment all day than face the real life. As a result, it is a negative impact on their education and life that many young people spend a lot of time on the internet.Although, there are some negative influences of internet on people’s lives and work, the internet has indeed become an important part of social structure, and it plays a vital role in many fields.

In addition, with the development of computer science, many problem of internet can be solved, for instance, “the 2010 Antivirus Software Ranking showed us the top antivirus program is the BitDefender Antivirus 2010 which provides advanced proactive protection against viruses, spyware phishing attacks, and identity theft”(Lobo ; Watters 2010 :1).So no significant internet security accidents have happened in recent years. Parents can also help young people use internet in a right way, the internet will help them a lot in study and life. In brief, the network has had a great change to the life, and there are two sides to everything, it is without exception for internet. Internet as a powerful tool, it changed the way of life and work.

On the other hand, some young people use internet in a wrong way and spend too much time on internet, so that a negative influence has happened in their education and lives.However, internet has became an important part of people’s lives, and with the development of computer science and the improvement of people’s consciousness, the network will play a bigger role in people’ lives and work.References: Benschop, A. (2005) Demography and Geography of the Internet [online] Available www. sociosite.

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