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Organisational Report based on ‘Venice Jewellery ‘ Belmont Hall, Middle Gardiner Street Dublin 1 Name of report3 Executive Summary3 Terms of Reference4 Method of procedure4 Findings5 Introduction of the Organization5 History5 Size5 Product of Service5 Customers5 Structure of organization6 Structure6 Explanation of chart6 Line of authority7 Internal influence on organization7 Management Style7 Communication methods within organization7 Number of staff7 Atmosphere/team work7 Resources Available8 Internal/External Analysis8 SWOT Analysis8 PEST Analysis9HR Department10 Jobs specs10 Recruitment10 Training10 Performance appraisal10 Salaries & benefits11 Unions11 Equality & diversity11 Equipment and facilities11 Equipment11 Facilities11 Conclusion12 Recommendations13 Name of report Organizational Report based on the Company ” Venice Jewellery”, Belmont Hall, Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 Executive Summary After lying out the purpose of this report in section three and how the information was collected in section four, section five analyses Venice Jewellery using the following headings.Section 1 introduces the company under four headings: history, size, product/service, customers. Section 2 looks at the organizational structure of the company by explaining line of authority and presenting organizational chart. Section 3 shows internal influences on organization such as management style, health & safety communication methods within organization, number of staff, atmosphere/team work and resources available.

Section 4 is an external and internal analysis of the organization and analysing SWOT and PEST in heading.Section 5 looks at the HR department of Venice Jewellery, in the following we can see Jobs specs, Recruitment, Training, Performance appraisal, Salaries & benefits, Unions and Equality & diversity. Section 6 looks at the facilities and equipment available in the organization. Last two sections are: section 7 conclusions and 8 recommendations. Terms of Reference “This company report is being submitted as a part of completion of the FETEC Business English module for FETEC level 5 Certificate in Computerised Office Skills for Adults (COS) as requested by the Business English Mairin Loftus”.Method of procedure In order to obtain the relevant information for the completion of this report, the following procedures were adopted: 4.

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1 Primary research was carried out with manager of the organization. Chat with the manager, Laura Pietrangelo was held and she answered several questions about the company. 4. 2 Personal observation made during work experience also helped me obtain information for the report. 4. 3 Venice Jewellery brochure was used to understand the product and history behind.

1. Introduction of the Organization HistoryVenice Jewellery was founded in 2004 by Francesco Dominoni and Laura Pietrangelo. Both of them are from Venice area in Italy and their idea was to bring Venetian culture to Ireland. They did it by introducing Venice Jewellery. Every year the company is involved in many events around Ireland, including Punchestown Racecourse’s or Craft Fair in RDS.

Since 2007 Laura Pietrangelo is a managing director of the organization. Size Venice Jewellery is a sole trade type of enterprise; it is a small home based business. The company’s office is in Belmont Hall, Gardiner Street, Dublin 1.It is a first floor apartment where one of the room functions is being Venice Jewellery office. Because the organization doesn’t have a shop and the owner sells the products on different events around country (Craft Fair 2010 RDS), Belmont Hall is also a place where the goods are imported to from Italy, packed and stored.

Product of Service Venice Jewellery is a leading brand in Venetian jewellery that incorporates a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary design and production methods. All jewellery is and authentic Murano Glass and is hand made in Venice, as a proof each box have a certificate of authenticity.Each item is a unique piece of art. Venice Jewellery also sells traditional Venetian Masks which are made in Papier-mache and each of them has an authenticity stamp inside. Customers Venice Jewellery has its regular customers who buy their product every now and then on some occasions.

Most of the customers are ladies and jewellery lovers, however gentlemen’s are known of buying Venice Jewellery as a gift. Murano glass jewellery is quite expensive so most of the customers are rich people. 2. Structure of organization StructureVenice Jewellery is a sole trader organization qualified as a flat structure Organization. The company number is 332408. Explanation of chart As you see on the Organization Chart, business has only one manager who is also a director and the owner of the organization.

This is the only one full time person in the organization who owns all the profits from sales. The owner hires sometimes casual workers in case of some big events. The chart below shows also Agnieszka Klak as a sales assistant on the Craft Fair event in RDS and Administrator in Belmont Hall office. pic] Line of authority As shows by the chart the line of authority in Venice Jewellery lies with the managing director Laura Pietrangelo. Laura is responsible for planning, finance, stocking, marketing, managing the account of the business, ordering stock, track of sales, she is also responsible for HR in case she have some casual workers. 3.

Internal influence on organization Management Style Management style in Venice Jewellery is a key of success of this small business. The manager/owner trusts their staff and their opinions are important for further decisions.Staffs are included in running each event which gives an opportunity to create a close relation with manager and understand his/her point of view. Everyone have their own responsibilities on duty. This style of management work very well for Venice Jewellery.

Communication methods within organization The main method of communication in Venice Jewellery is face to face communication. Because the company is home based and the manager spends most of the time at the computer getting new contracts or customers, very good method of communication with organization is via email or Skype.The communication methods for this organization are sufficient to run the business effectively. Number of staff The number of staff depends on how busy the event expects to be. Generally there is one person who is in charge and in this case is the manager/owner and one person hired as a sales assistant for the event.

Sometimes might be not enough staff on a busy event, but this is not a result of the cost cuts, it’s more nature of the business that is difficult to estimate how busy it will be. Because the business is so small, most of the time will be asy to manage with one more workers. Atmosphere/team work There is a good team work within the company and there is so unnecessary pressure created by manager. The atmosphere its major strength and helps the business to run efficiently. All staff including manager seems to act more like a family and are very supportive and loyal at any time.

This translates into a sense of job satisfaction for sure. Very friendly relations with customers are also big plus for the company, many of them coming back just to say hello or have a chat. Resources AvailableVenice Jewellery has a limited resources, the company depend on how much money it can get from selling jewellery. Because of high cost of rents paid to the event organizers better solution for the business would be to have a shop as a base and do the events additional. Online shop would be a good solution for Venice Jewellery because of low set up cost compare to renting a retail unit.

Health and Safety Venice Jewellery is very often part of a big out door events; in this case event’s organizers are responsible for health and safety or risk assessment.On each event the organizers should handle health and safety policy to the manager and this should be introduced to staff. For example on RDS Christmas Fair, Venice Jewellery owner, Laura Pietrangelo was obligated to inform staff about electrical installation in the place, emergency exits and manual handling Venice Jewellery is very often part of a big out door events; in this case event’s organizers are responsible for health and safety or risk assessment. On each event the organizers should handle health and safety policy to the manager and this should be introduced to staff.For example on RDS Christmas Fair, Venice Jewellery owner, Laura Pietrangelo was obligated to inform staff about electrical installation in the place, emergency exits and manual handling 4. Internal/External Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths • Reputation: Venice Jewellery is very well know organization as is its manager/owner Laura Pietrangelo • Product: Company offers unique pieces of jewellery and masks that are easily recognized not only in Ireland but all over the world.

• Quality: Venice Jewellery’s traditional handcrafted glasswork has enabled the creation of this special Italian product.Each imperfection demonstrates this handmade execution and uniqueness. • Manager/Owner: Laura Pietrangelo is the “engine” of this business, she has a great customer service skills, people came back to her because of the way she advise them, speak to them and treat them Weaknesses • High cost of product: Murano glass is an expensive product, with current prices can be dedicated only to certain group of people. • Lack of a proper place/shop where the jewellery can be stored and exposed permanently, where people can came and buy it. Opportunities Rent reductions: rents are going down in the recession; this can be an opportunity to rent a retail unit for Venice Jewellery • Online Shop: This is a very good opportunity to run business from home, low cost, practical and easy to manage.

Threats • Recession leading to reduction of customers: people don’t spent money now. • High volume of competitors in the same area of business PEST Analysis Political • Minimum wage: Government’s cuts on minimum wage might help to cut the costs when hiring new worker. • Political instability in Ireland. This situation might change soon as a result of upcoming election. Economic The recession in economy affected business, the figures shows that there is less sales.

• VJ tries to reduce employment during the recession, that’s why doesn’t have permanent workers, but only casuals. Social • Some social events like Halloween, birthday party’s, balls and sessional events help I upselling the product. The good thing about Venice jewellery product is, that even if the trends in fashion are changing this particular product is still top trendy because of its unique design and originality. Technological • Installing active database of products would definitely help to organize and manage company more efficiently . HR Department Jobs specs As a Sales Assistant in Venice Jewellery my responsibilities were to: • Set up the stand in RDS Craft Fair with • Set up the displays with jewellery and masks • Organize the stock behind the displays’ so we could easily find things around • Tag each item with the price • Dealing with customers, advising customers with their choices • Providing professional customer service • Upselling • Cash handling As a Administrator in Belmont Hall home office my duties were: • Making phone calls to the customers Sending enquiries about upcoming events via email and fax • Packing and wrapping the jewellery I used some of the techniques I have learned in College, for example telephone techniques. My good communication skills were very useful for this position.

Recruitment Venice Jewellery advertises any available positions trough the word of mouth and mainly between people that have experience already or within friends. Sometimes it’s possible to find on Venice Jewellery Facebook updates about upcoming events. Training Training in the organization is very informal.Manager shows the worker around and explains the type of job; the manager also gives some useful tips about selling techniques and information about history of the products.

Usually takes one day to get familiar with product, type of job or prices. The manager is always around to help if necessary. Performance appraisal Performance appraisal in Venice Jewellery organization is very informal. The manager comments on employees work performance after work by organizing sort of informal meeting (which takes few minutes) to discus any issues, to give praise to staff when it’s deserved and make any suggestions.This type of appraisal of performance works well for this type of business. Salaries & benefits The salary of managing director is unknown but staff is being paid 9 euro per hour plus the commission from sales.

As a motivation bonus staff receives jewellery of their choice priced below 100 euro. Workers are expected to have good customer service skills, be friendly with positive attitude. Retail background preferred. Unions Venice Jewellery Company is not a member of any union. Equality & diversity Venice Jewellery appreciates equality and diversity of the people, which includes staff.People of different nationalities and religions are always very welcome to apply for available position.

Venice Jewellery believe that mixture of cultures, habits and looks gives company nice cosmopolitan light. Because of nature of the job staff must be good health condition and have high stress resistance. 6. Equipment and facilities Equipment VJ organization uses folded tables to present their products, at least 10 mirrors to display jewellery as well as jewellery stands. One till is in use and some small tools to fixe jewellery in case of breakage.

Office is equipped in computer, desk and shelf to store products. Facilities In Belmont Hall home office is fully equipped kitchen with kettle, microwave or fridge. There is also a bathroom with separate toilet and car park available. 7. Conclusion The findings section on this report on the Venice Jewellery organization focuses on six main areas. Section one introduces the organization and we read here that Venice Jewellery was founded in 2004 by Francesco Dominoni and Laura Pietrangelo.

It is sole trader organization with one full-time member who is also a managing director of the company.The product of the business is a hand made Murano glass jewellery and handmade Venetian masks. Section two explains the organizational chart of the company and also shows that there is only one person in the company, Laura Pietrangelo who is responsible for all the tasks and departments. Section three focuses on the management style, staff (casual workers in this case) and atmosphere at work which is very informal and beneficial for customers. From section three we can also find out that main method of communication in the company is face to face communication.We can also see in this section that company’s resources depend 100% on sales.

Section four is SWOT and PEST analysis, form this section we can fid out that the product itself is a big strength of this small business as well as great customers skills of the manager. Both SWOT and PEST shows us that most of the areas of business are affected by recession, and political situation. Section five is about HR of VJ. We can see that this small HR department completely fits company’s needs. The word about jobs available in the organization is being spread fast between friends and very often filled straight away.

Staff gets nice jewellery bonus and competitive rates of pay, good training is provided on the first days of employment. Company is also open to people from different cultures and backgrounds. Section six, which is the last one shows, that there is a number of facilities and equipment provided by the company for general use. 8. Recommendations It is recommended that: • Venice Jewellery review their prices so their might be more reachable for weightier group of customers. • The organization set up online shop • Company uses more technologies to organize work in the office better