A Resolvedd Analysis

A RESOLVEDD Analysis of the Case of “A Martini for Rossi” REVIEW This case arose due to an employee, Edgar Rossi, drinking on the job which caused poor work performance and held up production which cost the company money. I have been asked by another employee, Nick, to accompany him and report Rossi to the boss.

ETHICAL PROBLEM OR ISSUE My problem is whether or not to report Rossi to my boss. If I do not report the situation I will be violating the principle of fidelity to my employer, the principle of honesty, and also the right to know.The productivity of the company will be affected. If I report Rossi it may damage his credibility since I am not sure he has a drinking problem. SOLUTIONSI have thought of the following solutions: 1. Confront Rossi again and explain to him what could happen if he continues his behavior hoping he would realize the consequences.

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I would also inform him that I would have to go to the boss if he continued. 2. I will accompany Nick and go to my boss to report Rossi. OUTCOME 1If I confront Rossi again he could still be defensive and no progress would come from it.LIKELY IMPACT 1 Rossi could straighten up for a few weeks, as he did before, but then slip back to his old behavior. This would continue to affect morale in the workplace and the company’s productivity.

On the other hand, Rossi may decide to get the help he needs. VALUES 1If I decide to deal with the situation on my own I will be violating the principles of fidelity and honesty to my boss. OUTCOME 2If I accompany Nick and report Rossi to my boss then the complaint may be ignored, since they are not aware of the past incidents, or the boss will deal with it in the proper way that would be most beneficial to the company.LIKELY IMPACT 2 If ignored, his behavior would continue to affect the morale and the productivity of the company. On the other hand, the boss would deal with it in a way that he determined would be the most beneficial to Rossi and the company. VALUES 2 If I chose this solution, I am upholding the principles of honesty and fidelity to my boss.

I would be violating the Rossi’s right to know by not making him aware of our actions. EVALUATIONThe first solution, confronting Rossi, has a few advantages. If he cooperated he could get the help he needed and keep his job. Rossi would no longer affect work production.The second solution, going to my boss with Nick, would be upholding the principles of fidelity and honesty to my boss but violating Rossi’s right to know. DECESIONI have decided that I am going to go to my boss with Nick.

I would explain that I was wrong by not coming to him sooner. DEFENSE I strongly feel, due to past experience, that Rossi will be reluctant to admit his problem and that solution 1 will not be effective and I would have to resort to eventually going to my boss anyway. The productivity of the company would no longer suffer and the employee morale would not be compromised any longer.