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The speaker for the speech entitled Bursting the Antibacterial Bubble use very clear and vivid language. A couple of examples from the text include: “Today millions of Americans are trying to build a bubble around themselves and their families to keep out germs. The bubble is not made of plastic, however, but of billions of dollars worth of antibacterial hand wipes, tissues, soaps, and sponges. ” The language included in this speech tends to be very clear cut and supported with numerous facts.

The speaker does little to embellish and only uses heavily emotional words on sparse occasions. The organization of this particular speech was very thorough and included all of the necessary elements for a successful presentation. The first paragraph of the speech is very clearly the attention-getter. She gives a short synopsis of the film The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. This, in my opinion, is a fairly decent attention-getter sense a lot of people have either seen or heard of that particular movie.

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The following paragraph contains the topic for this speech being antibacterial soap use.

The speaker then gives credibility through their own personal history of them using antibacterial soap and then includes that the speaker has researched this topic thoroughly. The preview statement is located in the 4th paragraph and stated as “I’m here to tell you that, try as we might, we cannot build a bubble between ourselves and germs with antibacterial products and that these products actually create more problems than they solve. After looking at the problems created by antibacterial products, we’ll explore some solutions. Transitions are a little harder to spot in the text. These include: “the place to begin.

.. , There’s no doubt that antibacterial products are popular with consumers, but… , First, we need federal legislation.

.. , Second, we all need to take action… , and In conclusion.

.. ” The review is previewed with the lead in stating “In conclusion,” and then summarizing their speech. Lastly, the concluding remark sums up the entire speech in a rather clever way using words that tie in with the subject.

The types of sources used in this speech include quotes, statistics, surveys, and newspaper articles.

A couple of examples include: “Elaine Larson, associate dean of the Columbia University School of Nursing, studied 238 families who used antibacterial products and found that they were just as likely to get fevers, sore throats, coughs, rashes, and stomach problems as families who used regular products. ” and “The U. S. Geological Survey reports that chemicals from antibacterial products are winding up in streams and groundwater from Denver area to remote locations in the Rocky Mountains.

These sources established excellent credibility due to the vast range of available areas the speaker was able to locate them from.

The sources chosen came from credible scientists, newspapers, and groups that have expert testimony to draw from. My overall impression of this speech is that it was very well thought out and planned. The sources are wide ranging and credible to pull the reader in. There were also amusing allegories to keep the viewers entertained. The speaker knew how to connect with others on this topic and displayed a firm grasp of proper speech writing.