Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speech

I have viewed three examples of public speaking and came to the conclusion that there are no identical speakers and speeches. Each speaker has his/her own way of delivering speech. Let’s compare the three speeches.

The first speaker is a woman whose profession is anchorwoman. Her speech is very vivid and expressive. She does not use many hand gestures. However those which she uses are descriptive gestures which clarify a verbal message. Moreover her face expression and voice inflections show her attitude and her emotions to the news which she tells us.

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The speaker changes the intonation, makes it louder or lower according to theme of news. Moreover we can see that she does not use only erbal means of speech, but she also uses body movement and eye contact in order to support her speech and strengthen the audience’s attention and understanding of speech.The second speaker is also an anchorwoman. However her speech differs from the speech of previous speaker. Her speech is well-prepared but it sounds natural and spontaneous.

Emphatic gestures and constant smiles prove that she is very confident and determined in making her speech. The speaker moves her body in a controlled and purposeful manner to support and reinforce what she says and to relieve physical tension. She constantly smiles to create friendly and not tense atmosphere while talking about serious things. The third speaker is self-confident and her gestures indicate how well-prepared the speech is. Her suggestive gestures symbolize her ideas and her emotions.

They help a speaker create a desired mood and express a particular thought. When she speaks, she involves listeners with her eyes, making her presentation direct, personal, and conversational. Commenting news, the speaker expresses the most important information with the help of voice and raising intonation.As wee see that all three speakers are very professional because they do not use gestures which show nervousness. They use the non-verbal means of communication which only stimulates and makes their speeches successful.