Non-Verbal Communication Rule

Communication is said to be the process of sending messages through the various channels and the receiving as well. Communication is said to be complete when the receiver of the message is able to receive the message and understand the intended meaning. Misunderstanding information or misinterpreting will then make communication incomplete. There are two ways of communicating, namely verbal and non verbal communication. Verbal communication is messages or information sent by talking or conversing.

In this case there is use of words (Wood 124). Non verbal communication is used your body to make movements or expressions that pass on some information. This even includes the speed of speech, tone variations and the loudness of how one talk (Wood 122). Non verbal communication is rule governed because it enables people to get along without negatively interfering with each other.Break 5 nonverbal rules you normally followThe rules broken in this case were: Entered the elevator and stared at other people in the elevator. Next, went to a cafeteria and took a sit too close a customer who was a stranger.

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I Sat in a bus opposite some passengers whom I staring at. During a phone call, I was conversing loudly hence distracting others. Shook someone’s hand for a very long time until she felt awkward and pulled away.When I stared at the people in the elevator, they looked away with discomfort and some of them got concerned whether I needed any help. The customer at the cafeteria made an agitated expression and changed seats as she walked away, she sneered and made a hissing sound as sign of irritation.

When I stared at the passengers in the bus, one of them rebuked me while the others gave uncomfortable looks and impressions. Some murmured among themselves. During the phone call conversation, the people present looked at me in a shocked manner and some walked away as they made exclamations. The lady whose hand I shook was embarrassed and pulled away her hand then she asked mi what was wrong since I behaved in an unusual manner.Calling five people report their verbal and non verbal reaction As I talk to them they look at me in a surprised manner because they find it very unusual and awkward.

Some clearly show that they do not consider seriously what I say because they say I am not convincing. One of them asked whether am okay because I looked abnormal. Generally, talking with a plain expression or no facial expression at all suggests differently from what one is saying. Some messages or information must be in cooperated with body movements and facial expressions to make sure people understand. These people also showed surprised looks on their faces and later found some humor because they did not understand what exactly I was up to.

Talking with no expressions creates a wrong image about the one talking. It is very important to observe the rules of normal communication so that the information that needs to be passed across is clearly understood. It should be noted that the information intended to be communicated should be received the way the informer intends to mean. Observing these rules also makes the informer to draw attention to which he or she is communicating to. Numerously, many people tend to communicate non verbal to put a across a message.

Such people should therefore make sure that they keenly look into the rules of non verbal communication and that way they will clearly communicate.Difference between verbal and non verbal communicationThe difference between verbal communication and non verbal is that words are used to pass a message and non verbal communication only uses the movements of the body, expressions and also how one behaves (Wood 122). It has been observed that people only use ten percent in verbal and ninety percent in non verbal, when communicating. This means that non verbal method contributes ten times more than verbal method in conveying messages than verbal.How verbal and non verbal communication function together to create meaning Information is best conveyed when verbal and non verbal communication is in cooperated.

For example, in a play, both verbal and non verbal communication is used. This happens through multiple movements of body parts and facial expressions, character and even the way of dressing is part of non verbal communication. When a parent is rebuking a child, he or she must make expressions that correspond with what he is saying. This way the child will feel the intense of the matter and get the message. Also when a comedian is entertaining a crowd he or she has to make sure that he has to marry the two phenomena very properly so that the crowd will find humor.

Otherwise, the comedian might prove to be out of place. All these example show that the two phenomena must be used together to create meaning.However, verbal and non verbal communication can contradict each other if not used properly. For example a person may claim to be unwell but nonverbally he ends up showing the contrary. If a footballer who claims to have dislocated his leg is not expected to be playing in the field.

If such a thing could happen, then one would thing the footballer is insinuating illness. A person trying to preach decent wearing and he is indecently dressed will actually be contradicting. Actions seem to be louder than words therefore, people will look more keenly at what this person is wearing, than actually what he is saying. This would even raise questions of why he is doing contrary of what he is campaigning for. Similarly, a person who registers disappointment or frustration yet he shows expressions and actions of being amused, would definitely cause contradiction to peoples’ understanding.

These two types of communication have shown that they can contradict each other. This was revealed in the experiment done by talking without facial expressions. When conveying an important message, that needs to be accompanied with facial expressions, the message might not be understood if no facial expressions are used. For example addressing an important message when sitting on the hands appears to be an unusual character. People might concentrate more on the posture taken than the significance of the message, especially if it is rather an awkward position taken. Verbal and non verbal communication can be used to substitute each other in very many areas.

For example, toddlers who cannot talk use non verbal methods in place of verbal communications. When the baby falls ill it can only show through how it carries itself since it cannot be able to say it is unwell. If a man is attracted to a woman and wants friendships, he will make efforts of treating the woman well, so that she will accept his proposal. Another way that the two can substitute each other is when someone is not able to communicate by talking so the receiver of the message will have to observe the movements, character, impressions and expressions made by the sender. This case could apply in medical cases where there are sick patients both physically and psychologically.

Patients with psychological disorders like depression are better studied through how they non-verbally communicate than what they say (Woods 125).Communication clearly shows that it is rule governed especially through the experiments carried out on breaking them. Since non verbal communication seems to have great impact in sending messages, there is great need to certainly observe these rules. They might not be written rules and incase of breaking them no charges would be pressed, but they are more of silent rules that are norms to be followed with aim of conveying the right message. For example, in the experiment, sitting opposite passengers and staring at them would convey bad character of an individual whereas in the real scence it might not be so.

Selection of words to use is also very fundamental when being verbal. Etiquette should be used otherwise it would suggest to people a character of arrogance and disrespect. Therefore, for people to preserve the correct image and character of themselves they have to be conscious about observing the rules of communication.It is believed that actions convey messages more clearly and louder than words. For example, if a man comes home and hears the wife banging items in the kitchen gets concerns and asks the problem. The wife shrugs as she says there no problem.

As soon as the man walks out the woman clicks angrily. One would conclude that there is a problem as much as the woman is denying because her actions are more convincing. This means that non verbal communication would be believed more than verbal communication. This is because people say what they will do and not do what they will say. Therefore, the actions of a person tend to communicate what he or she means that words (Woods 129).

With this it shows that non verbal communication is more impacting hence will be believed more.