Non Verbal Communication

Body language (non verbal cues) is a successful means of communication.

For instance, when somebody puts his hands behind his head it is obvious to everyone that he is stretching. A lot of information can be conveyed through body language and facial expressions (Schachner & Shaver, 2005). The personal appearance of a person influences the effectiveness of his or her interpersonal and communication in the group. Personal appearance is very important since it creates the first impression. To look friendlier, smarter, wealthier and more liberal, people should manipulate both their personal appearance and demeanor to look the part. For example to look good one tries to highlight the good features and even puts an effort to mask the undesirable ones.

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Features such as clean and well ironed outfits shows that a person is sharp, smart and well organized. Such an image is suitable for the work place environment and it inspires confidence amongst clients and workmates. Liberal people tend to be more assertive and sexy in their dressing and make up application. Their overall appearance is striking and can be deemed as a fashion statement. Well maintained hair and nails shows that one is motivated and serious.

Putting on a new belt and accessories shows that one has self maintenance (Knapp &Hall, 2002). Smell has a strong ability to arouse memories, whether negative or positive. Unpleasant odors such as body perspiration evoke negative memories such as bad experiences in many people. Pleasant scents like flowers evoke positive memories such as good experiences. The pleasantness of the memories is therefore somehow related to that of the odors.

Touch, a non verbal communication, is highly affected by social and cultural rules. Some touch rules are acceptable while others are not. Touch shows that there is an interpersonal bond because it can be used for consolation, support or to congratulate somebody. It may bring out positive or negative reactions depending on the circumstances (Schachner &Shaver, 2005). Couples who walk touching one another show a sign of affection while acquaintances should keep a distance while walking.

Another rule of touch as a non verbal communication is maintenance of personal space between strangers. This means that touching is greatly prohibited as it’s akin to invasion of another person’s privacy.