Verbal Communication Paper

Communication refers to the process of transfer of information from one person called the sender to another call the recipient. There are many modes of communication that are exemplified by man in the world. What is sent is normally referred to as the message.

The main intention of communication is for the message to be delivered to the right recipient through the given channel within a short period of time. Communication can either be verbal or non vernal. Verbal communication is the type of communication that takes place by use of world of mouth. This involves earring and speaking. Non verbal communication is the type of communication that happens with no word of mouth for instance the use of gestures.

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For communication to be effective there has to be an understanding of the right modes of delivery of information. This touches on the skills of communication that an individual has in possession. Moreover, the channel of communication should effective enough in order to deliver the message without distorting or affecting its meaning in any way possible. There are various effects of communication in the various spheres of life. Without communication, many things including life itself will be difficult to exist.

Communication creates understanding within the existence of every human being. Communication is a way of solving disputes among the police situations. The nature of communication can affect the police announcements to the public in two ways. This is also with respect to the mode of communication and its channels. Media is one of the channels in which communication is understood to take place. It is therefore critical that the police unit is able to consider the needs of all the people to whom the transfer of information was affected.

For instance, if there is no understanding between the people and he police, there will result disputes. If there is no misunderstanding between the police announcements and the public, wrong actions will be committed and it will result in crime. Language can therefore thwart or promote the main intentions that are behind any undertaking. A misunderstanding of the information released by the police through the press may raise tensions among the people. It is therefore advisable that the police choose the right means of communication for all to understand what is to be passed across.At the court, communication is one of the critical undertakings.

In most cases, the decision by the prosecutor is directly dependent of the understanding of the cases stated against the defendant. It is therefore very important that there is a good communication between the two counterparts including the public as well. Perfect communication in this field will result in justice getting done. The prosecutor of the case is one of the individuals who have to clearly understand the needs of the two individuals involved in a case. Moreover, if the individuals bearing the cases are not in a position to understand the proceedings of the case, it will be difficult for them to run for their justice at all times. When there is testifying at the court room, communication can either ruin or safe the verdict of the defendant.

When communication is non verbal, this can ruin the undemanding of the case between the two parties before the prosecutor. When there is a good verbal communication, understanding can be achieved and justice gets done with no difficulty. When the right channels of communication are involved, the parties involved in controversies will be able to come to a common understanding and hence solve their own problems. The needs of all the groups therefore have to be provided for at all times to make ssure that they are not exempted from the justice being forged for in the court. It is therefore advisable that an appropriate language is used in this field to enhance communication, that is, for those who are not well conversant with verbal language, they should be provided with the respective modes of communication that suits most.

At the correction facilities as towards the employees, peers and the inmates, communication is the only tool that is crucial towards the achievement of the desired goals. This is the filed that has to exemplify the understanding of the modes of communication that are used. For the inmates to be corrected in the right way possible there has to be an undertaking between them and the teacher in charge. If the mode of communication does not satisfy all of them, there will result a misunderstanding and hence the motives of the activity may not be achieved. It is therefore advisable that the right modes of communication are done to the respective groups for instance those who need sign language for a deeper understanding of the facts.

At the juvenile facilities, communication is also one of the critical aspects of understanding. There should be an understanding that young mindsets are being handled at the juvenile courts. They therefore need their own modes of communication in order to strike understanding. Employees need a perfect understanding of the activities they are doing and also the nature of operation of the seniors of an organisation. This is likewise to the inmates and peers of all kinds. If there is no efficient communication between them and their instructors, there is a possibility of a conflict.

It is therefore essential to use an efficient mode of communication to these people. This will make sure that their problems are solved effectively and at the right time possible.