Verbal and Written Communication

 Situation description

As a result of the heavy snowfall this week and due to a serious problem of non- delivery of parts, the Company General Management has decided that next Friday the company will be closed and will not be working. Said non-working day will be deducted from the extra vacation days, as negotiated for these cases in the Collective Agreement currently in force. To this end, it is necessary to communicate this decision within a maximum term of 24 hours to all those affected. Our case study writers are now available and waiting for your terms of reference! The company Norfolk consists of a total of 900 people working in three shifts.

It is very important to achieve the objective. Nothing the term indicated, which is the legally established minimum, with the purpose of avoiding future lawsuits. Set out the appropriate communication process to achieve the objective within the term indicated.

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There are various ways to resolve this case, but it is advisable to make previous considerations before contributing the most effective solution. These considerations ay serve to establish the quality of the solutions proposed must be achieved. The workforce must be informed within the stated term.

It is a legal imperative. As the subject concerns the general organization of the company, it is important that transmission should be by the hierarchic route. For the same reason and since there is time to do so, said notification should take place in the workplace. The workers’ representatives must be informed as swiftly as possible.

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Verbal and Written Communication Case Study

The Legal Adviser, who has surely taken part in the many decision, must ensure that the transmission to all the employees is reliable and uniform. As the Hierarchic Line must participate, it is necessary to facilitate the task, drafting a written support.

It also assures uniformity in the transmission.

  1. Drafting of a, clear, concise explanatory note explaining the problem, the decision taken and who makes the decision.
  2. Photocopies made for all the workers. Rhea information process is also decided, chosen with the participation of the whole Hierarchic Line and validated by the Management Committee.
  3. Information for the Norse’ representatives on the decision and the process that is to be followed.
  4. Each member of the Management Committee assembles their team in 10 minutes, explains the note and gives them a sheet ordering their assistants to do exactly the same with their respective teams, at the work station and until all the workers are informed within the term stipulated.
  5. The Tindal result will be that all nave been monitored by their Superior, explanatory script (written note) and with an identical written support. Be more than enough time to reach the three working shifts. .2- Witt the same There would