A True High School Story

A true high school story requires excitement, if it doesn’t, you are telling the wrong story. It requires intensity. It requires a story about a girl falling in love with a boy. Heartbreaks, tears, and in the end coming out stronger then you ever were. It requires making choices for your own. It requires mistakes that could’ve cost you your future, or even your life.

It requires embarrassment. Not remembering what happened last night. It requires sleepless nights over schoolwork, or just 1 million and one things running through your head. It requires being worried of not knowing what you’ll do in life. Fear that you will end up as a failure.

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Fear that the calling of your very own life is unknown, Fear of letting people down. Fear of fear itself. You can tell a true high school story if it involves being afraid. A true high school story makes you want to be adventurous. Do not believe a story if it does not have rebellion.

A true high school story involves going against your parents commands and getting in trouble the next day. When I say getting in trouble I mean getting IN TROUBLE. Like being grounded for 1 month, getting your phone taken away for 2 weeks. To be honest, a true high school story needs to have a foolish high schooler who made a big mistake in order to learn the reality of life. A true high school story begins with laughs and smiles but ends with tears. When you first enter high school, you may be scared, nervous, or maybe sometimes even excited.

But the reality of it all is that you’re a new student to that school, with a bunch of other students trying to make it. Along this story you will meet friends that will make you, or break you. Friends that will encourage you into bad or good. Friends that look into your heart, not your appearance. Friends that are more considered family. Then there are friends who pretend to be your friend.

Never believe a story with no lies, no “backstabbing”, and no arguments. For these are all characteristics of a true high school story. A true high school story ends with tears. Tears of joy, tears of sadness. Tears of, “I can’t believe I’m growing up.” Or tears of “This is really it.

I’m on my own from here.” And in the end, of course, a true high school story is never a picture perfect story that you see in those corny movies. It isn’t about being on the honor roll, or principles list, or being a scholar, or even graduating being the valedictorian. A true high school story is about making mistakes, and learning from them. Getting hurt, and picking yourself back up, being stronger then you has ever been.

Realizing that you can’t trust everyone, not every person you see that smiles in your face is your friend. A true high school story is about learning from experiences, and living your life as if tomorrow was your last day.