Every day young adults are challenged with many difficult decisions, one wrong choice could haunt them for the rest of a tennagers life. As children grow up the choices are just going to get more and more difficult and the child will have to think about the consequences before the action. Abstinence will be just one more of those decisions a tennager will have to make. I’m going to tell you about why people have sex, religion and sex, std’s , and pregnancy. All of these things are things you should think long and hard about before making your choice.

“Fit in, be cool, not be a virgin, peer pressure,” these are my thoughts on the one reason people have sex as teens, not love or if it’s that they think they’re in love. Most teens will say they love their partner but does he or she love you back or do they just want stuff out of you? More common in boys but still sometimes girls they would shave sex to get a good reputation even if its pointless and with the wrong partner. For the guys the more girls he has slept with the higher he is amongst the guys or the higher his status the guys will cherish the guy who’s slept with a high amount of girls. Very common for girls they will end up getting pressured into having sex. They feel if they don’t engage in it their boyfriend will end up dumping them.

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Also many teens will say that they do it for the pleasure and the high you get during it or shortly after but after a while after sex teens will say they feel sad, lonely, or depressed. Reported by Regina Smithert “Teenage Abstinence:A growing trend with positive results” Some teens keep their abstinence for one sole reason their religion. When some teens were asked if they will stay abstinent as a teen they answered yes because it’s not allowed in my religion. A Lot of Christian Faiths will say that sex is not allowed before marriage. Sex is a divine gift that will be given by God as the perfect time comes.

Bibles sometimes teach that if you commit adultery you have sinned and will not enter the kingdom of heaven.Religion comes first for a lot of people and they will say you shall never go against it or rebel. Reported by Regina Smithert ” Abstinence in teens overrated?” Something that comes with sex and is a great burden could be STD’s. Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are something that comes and may never leave the presence of your body. Another name for STD’s is sexually transmitted infections or STI’s They will not only affect you at the time of getting them but could throughout your entire life.

The most known ones are herpes, HIV,AIDs, gonorrhea, and syphilis.Although most people think they would be safe with just a condom that will not protect a lot if even a little. Also most people only think you can get them from oral, and anal. Another thing possible from sex and by far the most feared is pregnancy. Pregnancy is not always safe even with the common protection such as condoms and birth control.

The national average has gone down since 1998 through pregnancies. Most teens don’t think it will be them that becomes pregnant but there is alway going to be that slim chance. Most teens that’s become pregnant will have to be extensive amounts of school and end up taking online school or home schooling. Reported by ADHS TPPP. Did you know that around 48.

5% of teens have been involved in a sort of sexual intercourse? Teen moms having repeated pregnancies after their first child is down 39% from 181.3% in the year 2000 to 114.4% . The arizona vital statistics say that in 2012 10980 women that were below the age of 20 became pregnant. In 2012 there was 8453 reported cases of chlamydia.

All reported by ADHA TPPP. People will choose to stay abstinent for many reasons, i just talked about why they do, STD’s, pregnancies, and the statistics of it all. Hopefully teens will start to realize just one wrong decision can and will haunt you forever. It’s not just gonna leave when you please. So you get to choose it’s your decision.

Could you live with the possibilities that could come with it?