Cheating in Academic Institutions

Academic dishonesty happens everywhere. Whenever there is a glimpse of chance a student will want to take it and even when it is hopeless one will still try to think of ways to cheat. Humans are meant to always find the shortcut the easiest way and the quickest way. For these reasons we are using airplanes instead of using ships, we use lighters instead of rocks to start a fire, we use paper instead of cave walls to paint, and we use cell phones instead of having to send someone running like a crazy man for 80 miles.

Academic dishonesty is the most effective way to get good grades by far. It is the best way to show how much dedication and effort a student is putting on school to their parents and perhaps it is the best way to get whatever you want from them. Also, by using academic dishonesty, students will strive and develop a skill to constantly look for shortcuts which in the long run will help the world improve making people find the shortcuts and more effective ways to achieve a goal. Academic dishonesty is the modern way of doing things and if we want to advance as a society we will have to incorporate academic dishonesty in our history.Academic dishonesty is just another step of the evolution of humans. It is like the first little step someone made on the moon.

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Teachers are constantly searching for the best way for students to not cheat, making them sit apart, not letting them talk, and shouting at them for needing white-out. We will all look back at this in the near future and be embarrassed by how we behaved. The best solution for this is to allow cheating to continue. Little by little teachers should impose fewer rules and this way in the future students might be able to work on the tests together. Using this solution the students will grow up to learn to work together which is the main goal of society that we all work together. Instead of walking on the streets and pretending that nobody knows anybody we could all work together and help each other in any case.

That is the advantage of working as a whole during tests.As students we all suffer. Teachers are like devils or dictators constantly abusing us in every way. Killing their students with homework, giving them stress, taking away their time. We all know that the student suicide rate must be very high if this much stress is given to every student. Apart from that even though we hate our teachers in every way, we can’t tell them as we do so with our friends, we can’t complain, we can just nod when they ask, “Can I give you homework?” School is like a prison for humans during their first 20 years of life, they are confined to this prison, and they will have to survive in this prison for 20 years.

Teachers will try to harass their students in every way, and once or twice a year they force students to present in class which can be considered a public humiliation.By not letting academic dishonesty to happen teachers are just confining students and restricting them to their own nature and when they grow up they will think that cheating is a major crime when in reality it is just looking for the best way to do things while in reality the true crimes are in stealing, hurting and killing people. Making it impossible for students to cheat would cause a major human nature to fade away which can hurt society as a whole. Restricting humans like that is like making a lion a vegetarian. If instead students are talked into “sense” and making them believe that academic dishonesty is the wrong way then they are just being tricked to who they are as a person since all of the humans are inclined to find the most efficient way of achieving things and as Charles Darwin said species adapt to the environment and which is the strongest in this environment will survive.

By letting ourselves go through the long and harsh way we are just making ourselves more vulnerable to extinction.Academic honesty definitely adds stress to humans. It does not help us develop into better people and honestly it’s a burden that we should all erase. Life is something that nature has given us, with this precious thing we possess, possibly the most important thing in our life but we depreciate it, wasting it with school, wasting it with work and constantly searching to complicate our lives going through stress and looking for the long ways like trying to pass school with “academic honesty”.