Adidas Brand Case Study

Ideas Brand Case Study ay maintainable Ideas: Brand Case Study Company Background: Ideas was founded in 1949. Doll Dasher was the founder, hence the name ‘Ideas”. Dasher passed away in the sass’s and his family carried on the business. However, in the ass’s, new CEO Robert Louis-Dresses switches the philosophies of the company from a manufacturing & sales company to a marketing company.

The company then went public in 1995. Then in 2000, an ambitious Growth and Efficiency program is initiated. In 2005, the Solomon group sold the company to Aimer Sports.

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There are 5 performance benefits of the Ideas brand that are heavily emphasized: Faster, Stronger, Smarter, Cooler, & Natural. They have also completed some specified ¶rand strategies per sport. Football is expanding its strong market position, settable is increasing its global footprint, and Running is building credibility with high profile athletes.

Market Share: Ideas has a 4. 4% market share of the Global Athletic Apparel market as well as an 3. 6% share of the Global Athletic Shoe market. Competition: Ideas has a few strong direct competitors.

Nikkei is their biggest competitor, and is leading the market share of the industry. They also have strong competition from Under Armor, Galloway, and Puma.

Sources of Brand Equity: Ideas has some strong brand equity. They are currently rated the #1 5 best global brand by Interbrain, and they are especially having success in Germany. They are rated #9 as best business brand in Germany and #7 as best product brand in Germany. Products: ere main product lines of Ideas are shoes, athletic wear, swimsuits, and training gear. Brand Extensions:

There are a few brand extensions of Ideas.

Most notable is Rebook, and there are also Ideas athlete brands and Tolerated. Ad Campaigns and Sponsorships: There have been a few successful ad campaigns for Ideas in the past years. Most notable are the All Ideas campaign and the Dedicator campaign. They also have a great amount of highly esteemed sponsored athletes and celebrities. Among those are Derrick Rose, Robert Griffin Ill, Dwight Howard, Lionel Mimesis, Sergei Garcia