Case Study on Adidas

Adidas Case Study:

Adidas is the great German international corporation which produces sportswear, sports equipment, shoes and bags. Today Adidas consists of a range of branches: Reebok, Y-3, Taylor-Made Golf, etc. The existence of the company began in the 1920 when the Dassler family decided to start producing shoes, generally sports shoes for sportsmen. Very soon Dassler shoes began well-known all over the world, but after the World War II after the death of their father Adi and Rudi Dassler decided to divide the company of the father and between them and called their new companies Adidas and Puma, which have become rivals since that time. In 1949 the emblem of Adidas with three parallel bars was introduced. After the death of Adolf Dassler the company was moving closer to its crisis gradually and at the beginning of the 1990-ies the profit of the company was very low.

Fortunately, due to the new trend of outsourcing (primarily, from Germany to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.) the company managed to save much money on the cheap labour force and develop further. Today Adidas is one of the leaders in the production of sportswear and it takes an active part in the financing of the sports competitions of the world importance and is a sponsor or the best soccer teams and a great number of celebrities of the world of sports advertise Adidas’ production. Adidas is known to be connected with advertising and spends much money on it; no wonder the best sportsmen of the world advertise this brand. Nowadays, only the Nike Corporation produces more sportswear being the leader in this sector of the market.

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Adidas is the well-known corporation with the rich and dramatic history, so it is interesting to investigate the process of its development and success in strategic management. A well-composed Adidas case study should dwell on the problem which occurred in the corporation or with its production. A student should collect enough data for the research to get to know about the topic and to analyze it soberly. Valid reliable facts ensure the success of the case study, so student is supposed to take advantage only of the trustworthy sources. One should research the problem and find its cause and effect and provide the professor with the effective solutions.It is not always easy to cope with a case study, so a student should use the assistance of the Internet and the priorities it offers.

A free example case study on Adidas and Reebok merger is a good piece of advice for students who do not know about the ways of case study writing. A well-analyzed free sample case study on Adidas supply chain will teach a student the manner of writing, formatting and composition of the paper.