Adults talk down

Adults and kids will argue about issues about who is right but do adults really have the authority to talk down to the kids and make them smaller than they really are? Even though kids are right some times adults do not agree and they try to make us seem smaller and themselves bigger than what they truly are. Adults that talk down to kids and that don’t give them an opportunity to express what they know about a subject are very insecure about the issue of kids being right. This makes me very irritated and makes me feel like there is nothing that I can do or know without being corrected about.

Adults do not realize that yes they are the adults and the wiser of the two but they don’t understand that they wont get anything in return if they keep putting kids down like that. Kids will ask a lot of questions for a teacher to answer and when the kids get the response that the teacher gives them it is not the response that makes it seem like the adult is talking down but the way the tone is on the adult. It is not always the response but their tone is what a lot of kids are talking about being talked down to. Teachers will have bad days and not be in the mood for the kids to ask a boat load of questions and at times talking down to the kids will come out and be taken the wrong way. Kids and adults though share one thing in common they are both conceded.

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They think they are right about everything and that they are never wrong. One reason for adults talking down to the children might also be because the kids talk down to them. This might be their way of dealing with that, they talk down to me so I will talk down to them. Adults’ talking down to kids is not ok and is wrong to do. Even if they don’t mean to do it they don’t learn and they don’t seem to care weather or not they talk down to kids. They don’t understand that we want to be respected and we don’t feel that way as they are talking down to us.

If they can not respect us and treat us like we are not stupid then how can we try and respect them? There is really no way that anyone can completely stop adults talking down to kids but there might be a way to help control it. They should think about what they need to say and just try to put the words into a different kind of way so we do not feel like you think that everyone is an idiot and doesn’t know anything. If they are upset then they should just walk away and say I will answer you in a second and just cool off so you don’t get more frustrated than you are. Kids also calm down about talking down to adults and making sure that they are not the reason for them talking down to you. Adults are there to help us, and even though they might older and wiser than us doesn’t mean that they are always right about everything.