Advantages of industrialization of US from England

Introduction England was the first country to be industrialized. The industrial revolution in Great Britain started due to the many new inventions that were there. Industrialization in Britain mostly was involved in improvement in agriculture and having new forms of technology. It was made easier since there was a good supply of labor, improvement in transportation, good supply of raw materials and availability of money to start new factories.

Unlike other countries, England did not have internal tolls and tariffs system, which made their goods be transported freely to the best market. England industrialization led to the industrialization in the rest of the world, including the US. The United States of America has tried to emulate The Great Britain in industrialization.US have taken some steps that have been used in England, which includes labor, resources, heritage and technological development. These processes have helped the US in industrializing the country. This paper discusses the advantages that the US has gained in industrializing the country.

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The Industrial Revolution in the United States In United States, the industrial revolution unfolded in a more vigorous way than it had in Great Britain. The beginning of US was as a young nation that was a loose association of their former colonies and one that held a traditional economy. A higher number of the labor force in the country worked in agriculture. This was believed to be more than three quarter of the labor force. However, the Americans soon started having success in mechanization. This was witnessed in 1851 when different producers from different countries gathered in Crystal Palace in London to display their first World’s Fair.

It was at this place that the Americans work attracted attention from most people. The United States became the leading manufacturer in the world by the end of the century, this event unfolding what came to be known as the second industrial information. The economy in America had emerged as he most productive and the most growing on the universe. American AdvantagesThe United States enjoyed a lot of advantages that made the ground of an industrial revolution to be fertile. The continent was sparsely populated and also rich that lay open to development and exploitation. It made it easy for the US government to seize or buy vast lands from European nations, Mexico and across North America from Native America.

The American population also felt that the growth in economic was desirable. The United States enjoyed a large internal market with the settlement of people stretched across from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Knowledgeable people and machines were the critical factors that furthered industrialization process in the United States. The lure of having an open and growing United States was strong. The opportunities in the country attracted many knowledgeable and ambitious individuals from Britain and other European countries. A good example is that of a young French boy, Eleuthere Irenee du Pont de Nemours, who educated them in chemistry and the art of making gun powder.

Reconstruction that took place in 1862-1877 had some contributions to the industrialization of the country. The southern state government that was under the Republican control was comprised of African Americans and white southerners. They had hope of attracting northern capital or rid the planet aristocracy from the south and the northern who choose south as their settlement place. They democratized and modernized state government, built hospitals, schools, roads and rail roads. The African Americans built their own institution which helped in finding their own churches and creating their own constitution. The Chinese immigrants were used to provide labor which was the backbone of the basic industries like steel.

Without these immigrants, the industrialization in the US would not have been to the level it is. When the economy in the country got weak, most immigrants returned to their home ground, leaving a few number that acted like a safety valve for American labor force that was in the grow. Industrialism in the United States had an effect in the country’s politics, where they invented the machine politics. These kinds of politics had positive advantages where they helped in increasing professionalism and discipline in the state’s performance and the national legislatures. The party machines formed helped in filling a void and helped in fulfilling the basic needs of the people especially in the cities.

They also provided the citizens with the ability to influence the local matters and civic identity.The Dawes Severalty act which was passed by the congress in 1887 addressed concerns involving this. The effect of this was having major railroad companies that had federal support to colonize the West America. By the turn of the century, industrialization helped in transforming the economics of the country. Industrialization helped in having a different class of people, where some citizens became upper class and others became middle class. The middle class were the most used in the industrialization process.

The work nature in the country changed as a result of having division in labor, which was an important idea to the industrial revolution. Division of labor among the people improved the productivity greatly, which had many positive effects to the country. Industrialization helped the United States in progressing economically and politically, which saw the country becoming an emerging world power (Henretta 2010).Conclusion The Industrial revolution has brought a lot of improvement for most people in the industrialized societies in the United States. A lot of people have enjoyed greater prosperity and an improved health facility mostly in the middle and also the upper classes in the society.

However, there have been costs. There have been some cases where the lower class people in the society have suffered economically. The industrialization has however harmed the environment by having more factory pollutants and greater land use.