New england

What is unique about New England? That could be one of the hardest questions for me or for anyone around the general area to answer, because there are a lot of suddle things that have happened and that go on around here but I am going to express the population of very interesting arts liberal views and ideas. I use liberal as not of the politic terminology but as a descriptive use. The word is the basis of our for fathers that landed in New England that we so proudly live in today. The whole point of coming her and breaking off from Britain was for a new beginning a change in life for the sake of our well being, and that’s exactly what we are doing in New England today.

We are one of the wealthiest states in Connecticut and we are filled with some very art oriented people. Just in the tritown area of Essex, Deep River, and Chester we have countless artist, musicians, enthusiast it really is rich and full of those kinds of people who think out of the box. The band I have been lucky to be associated with is coming out with an album! We just finished recording last week. Do you know where we did it? Right here in Deep River, Because of the aptitude that a lot of these people have with the fine arts. Look at our school. We have some of the best arts in the country, one of the most expensive photo rooms in the country and we graduate more fine arts students than anyone else.

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We have classes ranging from drawing, Design, Foundations, Jewelry, Metal working, Ceramics, Sculptor we tend to think outside of the box here in the lovely area New England. Look at all the successful people that have been generated from New England Ralph Waldo Emerson America’s first great philosopher and man of letters, Nathanial Hawthorn who established the American short story as an art form, John F Kennedy the 35th president of the United States, Paul Revere the silver smith patriot who had the midnight ride and warned us that the British are coming, Henery David Thoreau ( I don’t think I need to go into this one but for the sake of my paper and grade I will) as we all know the famous writer individualist and spiritual philosopher, Louisa May Alcott Author of the most successful young adult novel of all time, Phineas T Barnum Creator of the “Greatest Show on Earth”, Calvin Coolidge the famous 30th president from Vermont, Emily Dickson reclusive poet, Daniel Chester French Renowned sculptor of the “Seated Lincoln” in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, and many other works, John Hays Hammond Junior The electrical engineer who invented radio remote control, radar and sonar, built himself a fantasy medieval castle home near Gloucester MA. It’s now a quirky, fascinating museum, Winslow Homer outstanding painter, Julia Ward Howe Author of Battle Hymn of the Republic and tireless fighter for women’s rights and the abolition of slavery, Henery Wadsworth Longfellow The famous mid-19th-century poet made Paul Revere and Hiawatha famous, Massasoit Chief of the Wampanoag’s, he befriended the Pilgrims of Plymouth, making the success of their colony possible, Frederick Law Olmsted America’s premier landscape architect, he turned nature into art in New York City’s Central Park, Boston’s Emerald Necklace of parks, and many other places, Harriet Beecher Stow Mother of six, tireless worker for the abolition of slavery and author of the 19th-century runaway best-seller Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she also fought for temperance and women’s suffrage, Noah Webster America’s first lexicographer wrote a 70,000-word dictionary that sold 300,000 copies, and a spelling book that sold over a million copies—in a country of only 23 million people! Look at that! It’s about 18 people who have had great effects on our society as a nation today, that’s not even all of them. You can say sure every state has produced great people and its true but look deeper into the situation of our offspring take Henery David Thoreau for example was sprouting idealistic ideas in the nineteenth century that all of us finally caught up too in the 60’s of preserving nature and not taking more than we need for life. He only worked a few hours out of the week and spent the rest of the time observing and becoming part of nature himself.

These thoughts and ideas were just absurd back then. Ralph Waldo Emerson the founder of the transcendentalist movement. He was the one who inspired the American authors to create and promote their own cultures besides follow Europe’s. John F Kennedy possibly one of the most influential presidents of the United States. Look at some of the very famous musicians and actors from New England. Ben Affleck actor, Matt Damon actor, Mark Wahlburg actor and former musician, Tom Hamilton the bassist for Aerosmith, Joey Krammer drummer for Aerosmith, Joe Perry guitarist for Aerosmith and singer for The Joe Perry project, Rob Zombie singer and director.

We have three members of Aerosmith! Possibly one of the best bands ever in my opinion. Rob Zombie director of some of the best horror movies and one of the first successful metal bands lead singer. New England is a very Interesting place from my experience With My Band SayWhat? We play all over New England ranging from The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston to B.O.M.

B Fest in Durham and The Arts and Ideas Festival in New Haven I can see that we clearly have differently minded individuals. New England is clearly seen for what it is, it’s not hyped up to be huge like California with Hollywood and everything else there is a lot of history that has happened and that is being created here that has been my own personnel experience so far I hope yours has been just as good.