Knockout : Introduction

I would like to thank you for putting up digital clocks in the hallways. It was a big help, because now I can read the clocks and not spend time figuring out the time. It must have taken time to put the clocks up, but your work is not going unrecognized. I am a senior at Arrowhead, and I was here to witness the change of the clocks.

I would appreciate it if you could place just one more clock in the band hallway.My friends and I are band geeks, and we sit out by the band room in the mornings. The band teacher does not always come, so when we are stuck in the hall way we are left without a clock. We are good students and follow the rules, so we keep our phones at home or we turn them off. So, we don’t have any other way of finding out the time besides going all the way to the next hallway.

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Also, when band kids or drama kids go to class, their shortest paths may not lead down hallways with clocks. So, they don’t know how much time they have left to get to class. I understand that there may not have been enough clocks to be put into that hallway. But there are four clocks in the big hallway, where each clock is visible. Either you could take one of those or I could talk with the band teachers and students to create a fundraiser to buy a clock.

We would be perfectly fine even if it’s one of the face clocks that were taken down.The school moto is “Something for everyone,” but the band kids aren’t getting a clock in the hallway to read. If you used one of the old ones, it would be one less waste of a clock.