Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plan Introduction

PSII General Lesson Plan Teacher Candidate: Drew Weber Class and Grade Level: 9th Grade English Daily Lesson Topic: Romeo and Juliet Intro Unit: Shakespeare | |Description of Each Phase of the Lesson Plan | |Time: 10-15|Introduction: I will start off the class period by welcoming the students into my classroom and | | |asking them if anything exciting has happened to them since we last met. After we have discussed | | |any recent events, I will begin the lesson by introducing our new unit, Romeo and Juliet.

Before | | |I dive into talking about the background knowledge that the students have on Shakespeare and his | | |plays, I will show the class a clip. I will tell them that the clip is based off of the most | | |famous of all the scenes in Romeo and Juliet and I will ask the students to think about if they | | |have ever heard any of the lines that are spoken in the clip or if they recognize anything about | | |the clip. | | | | |After I show the clip, I will ask the students if they recognized anything about the clip that | | |may have been familiar to them like phrases or actions. Next, I will ask if any of them have ever| | |read Romeo and Juliet before and what they can tell me about either the Play or any of | | |Shakespeare’s other works.I want to find out if my students have any sort of background | | |knowledge about Shakespeare so I will ask general questions like What was the name of the Theater| | |that Shakespeare’s plays were performed and Has have any of Shakespeare’s plays, including Romeo | | |and Juliet, ever been adapted to the big screen and, if so, has anyone ever seen any of these | | |adaptations? | | | | |After I have done a little detective work to find out what kind of background knowledge my | | |students have, I am going to tell them that today we are going to be discussing some of the | | |background information on Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet so that we can start in on reading the| | |play in the next class period. | Resource: http://www.

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