Romeo and Juliet as a Trajedy and What it Means to Us

Although write around 1595, The Trajedy of Romeo and Juliet is still read and studied around the world today.The play is one of Shakespeare’s classic tragedies.

In a tragedy, a hero who is of noble stature experiences a downfall that is a result of personality traits, fate, or a combination of the two.Romeo and Juliet is an example of a trajedy in which two “star-crossed lovers” from feuding families share a bond and devotion to each other for only awhile before fate and mistakes cause them to leave the world together. Romeo Montague is one of the play’s protagonists and leading characters.He falls in love with Juliet Capulet.Their personality flaws, or tragic flaws, lead to their quick marriage, and ultimately their deaths.

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Romeo is a highly impulsive individual. One moment, he is madly in love with Rosaline and depressed because she does not love him in return.The next, however, he is ready to marry Juliet and be with her forever.Had he not rushed into the relationship, they might not have died.Juliet is naive upon entering her first relationship. These tragic flaws, along with fate change the plot of the entire play.

Fate affects Romeo and Juliet when Friar John is quarantined in a home with sick people.Keeping their marriage secret was a mistake that led to misunderstanding and the decision that ruined everything (Juliet’s marriage to Paris). Romeo and Juliet can actually be applied to real life today.It is a warning.It shows the danger in rushing into decisions.It also shows the damage one act or word can cause.

Shakespeare hints that there is a difference between the love of the eyes and the love of the heart when Friar says, “Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes (line 67-68, page 804).”This sparks a debate of “love at first sight.”Some people believe in its existence, while others do not, however, that is not the point.Romeo and Juliet obviously shared love of the heart or else they would not have killed themselves at the thought of being without the other.Unfortunately, not all love is true.

I believe Shakespeare is warning people to evaluate their romantic relationships. Romeo and Juliet also shows us that some things are out of our control.No one involved could really help the fact that Romeo did not get the letter, nor could they change the fact that Capulet unknowingly moved the wedding up a day.The play also shows how small events can change the course of our lives.This is seen at the beginning of the story when Capulet’s servant asks Romeo to read the list of party guests for him.

Had this not happened, Romeo would not have gone to the party and he and Juliet would not have met at that time. While the play is sad because of their deaths, a tragedy by definition does not leave the audience mourning.It is also inspiring and uplifting because it reveals a positive aspect of the human spirit.It took a tragedy to end a long-standing feud.It took the deaths of their children before the Montagues and the Capulets “made up” and honored the others.Sadly, this is often true in real life.

It often takes tragedy to bring out the best traits in people and help them see their flaws.Through this play, I think Shakespeare is urging readers to make amends and consider their actions before it is too late.Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about love and life.