News Report: Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday December 13th 2012 in the Capulet Monument, two star-crossed lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet both took their lives out of their love for each other. Due to the harsh realities of the ancient family feud, the two loves we sworn to never be together, bringing their lives to a tragic ending.

Romeo and Juliet were brought together by fate and they are the icons of true love. From their first meeting at the Capulet ball all the way to the timeless death, their eyes were blinded by their romance.

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The secret nuptials bound them together for eternity, or so they thought. “At first I was hesitant about marrying them without the parents consent; the consequences could have been severe. But then I thought, how could I ever deny two people of their love Just because of a family feud? So we went ahead with the wedding, making the couple overwhelmed with happiness.

” Said Friar Laurence (who was the priest that married Romeo and Juliet). Sadly, the Capulet family had arranged other plans. They had arranged for their young Juliet to marry their choice,

County Paris, oblivious to the fact that Juliet had already tied the knot with her beloved Romeo. Meanwhile, Romeo was caught in the middle of a violent fight that had broken out in the streets of Verona between Romeo and Tybalt Capulet Ouliet’s cousin). After the bloody defeat of Tybalt, Romeo was banished from Verona. Thus leading to more depression and despair for the newlyweds.

In order for Juliet to ever see Romeo again, Juliet faked her death and was placed in the Capulet monument to rest forever in peace.

Once Romeo received news of this, he went to the local chemist and bought a deadly substance, that once drank would end his life. He arrived at the monument, drank the substance and took his life Just to be with Juliet one more time. When Juliet woke up from her sleep and found Romeo lying dead next to her she took her life also, but for real this time. “She was such a sweet girl, I loved her more than the world, and I practically raised her as my own.

It was all a misunderstanding that leads to this untimely death.

But now I know she will always be with her true love, Romeo, and will always be happy. ” Said Juliet’s Nurse (closest person to Juliet). The death of the two star-crossed lovers affected their families greatly, both negatively and positively. Yes, the two households lost their children in a horrific way but on the bright side, this unfortunate tragedy ended the ancient feud, bringing the two families together.

“For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo-William Shakespeare. ” News Report: Romeo and Juliet By zoeel 01