Modern Romeo and Juliet News

A FIGHT BREAKS OUT IN VERONA SQUARE Verona has always been a calm place; not much much violence, not many crimes. However, there is one thing troubling the city’s peaceful environment and has been for quite some time. The trouble between two powerful families.

Both hold a grudge towards the other. The Montagues and the Capulets have been enemies for a long time. It started years and years ago. For what? No one knows for sure why, but what we do know sure is that since then, the two families have not yet been able to reconcile with each other. Even the servants of the two rivals sides are constantly looking for a fight.

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A recent fight broke out between the two families. It started with the servants picking on each other. Pretty soon swords were drawn and blood was shed. Chaos was spread throughout Verona as people scrambled to stay out of the way of the two houses’ thirsty for eachothers blood. The streets weren’t just crowded with those involved in the fight, but many innocent women and children were in the middle of the fighting.

Many people lost their lives including those who were not even involved. Sadly, this fighting went on till evening and was not stopped soon enough. A couple of townspeople alerted the Prince and he came as quickly as possible. He was furious when he rode in on his horse. The sight was absolutely devastating. Bodies lined the streets as children cried out for their mothers.

It was then that the Prince gave his proclamation. PRINCE GIVES PROCLAMATION TO VERONA “If any fighting is heard of again between the Montagues and the Capulets, then whoever was involved will be exiled and in some cases, executed. No excuses or pleading will change the mind of the Prince.” This is was part of the Prince’s proclamation to the people of Verona after finding out about the fight between the two households. The fighting has gone on long enough and innocent people shouldn’t be in the middle of it. The Prince expressed his anger on that gloomy afternoon day.

The Prince stated that the families have been out of control for far too long and have disturbed the peaceful streets of Verona and the innocent people for long enough. Sadly, no one can understand the grudge between these two family’s and no one knows how to help prevent the fights. We shall see if the Prince’s Proclamation will give them any second thought and see if they even attempt to change at all. THE PEOPLE SPEAK (opinion pieces): “Were you there during the fight?” “Did you witness the chaos?” “What are your thoughts on the Montague and Capulet problem?” “I was there during the fight. In fact, I saw how it started.

I was having a normal shopping day when all of a sudden one of the Capulets came up and tripped a Montague. For some reason, they decided to start beating each other up until more and more people got involved in the fight! The whole square seemed like battlefield!” Elizabeth, Age 27. “Ha! I actually enjoyed watching them fight! You don’t see much of that in Verona! Of course, I wasn’t involved, but it did look quite fun and it made me want to join! Maybe, if they fight again, I’ll get my hands dirty.” Jameson, Age 19. “NO! This must stop! It’s hurting our family; our children! The Prince should just imprison them all before they kill everyone! It’s too much! YOU HEAR?! TOO MUCH!” Mary, Age 36. Paris and Juliet relations Paris is a noble kinsman of the Prince.

It has been officially announced that Paris asked Juliet to get married. However, Lord Capulet wanted him to wait two more years, since Juliet is young. But Paris argued that women even younger than Juliet, who is fourteen, have become happy mothers in Verona. Lord Capulet was very happy to hear that handsome, rich Paris likes her but Juliet hasn’t yet considered marriage, let alone even thought of Paris as a potential husband. Last night, with the approval of her parents, Juliet met and danced before the group of honored guests; but according to eyewitnesses, Juliet had her sights on only one young man’s face, never looking at Paris.

Credible sources say that fortune was working against Paris; not only had he not caught Juliet’s eye, but she was mesmerized by the Montague foe, Romeo. Shocking news Yesterday, after the traditional masquerade feast at Capulet’s house, paparazzi snapped a picture of Juliet, of the house of Capulet, and Romeo, of the house of Montague, kissing each other. The question is, whether or not the two can continue a romance despite the fact that their families are enemies of each other? If they continue their love secretly, will that join the two feuding families? Do the young lovers even know that they are “sworn enemies” of one another?According to reliable sources, they kissed twice, passionately and privately, ensuring that the coming days will most certainly be those of scandal. Editorials We wish to comment on the despicable events that occurred in the streets, yesterday, between the members of the houses of Montague and Capulet; once again bringing peril to the hard-working citizens of our community. Yet again, members of these “noble” houses have acted like petty thugs and animals, brawling like beasts and endangering the lives of the innocent common people. We completely support and applaud the actions of our wise prince, by issuing the penalty of capital punishment to any and all members of these two wretched houses who engaged in such reckless behaviour in the future.

Perhaps now the streets of Verona can once again be safe and the lives of the decent, common people can go forward without threat. Let us hear your voice! It has been reported that the son of the rich Montague, Romeo is depressed. According to his family, they have no clue why he is so sad. Benvolio discovered him hiding, and the reason was that he loves Rosaline, but she doesn’t like him. What do you think that his family and friends should do for him? Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and the first 10 people get an iphone 6 or galaxy s5 for free!