Why Shakespeare Wrote Romeo and Juliet

People wonder why someone would write Romeo and Juliet with such a tragic end. Well, the answer to this question is that Shakespeare wanted couples to appreciate their love together.

People complain how they face problems that ruin their relationships that force them to separate from each other. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet to explain the worst possible lovers can find themselves in. Romeo and Juliet both are from families that hate each other, they face the fact that Romeo kill Juliet’s cousin, and that they have know each other for no over a week. This possibly the worst situation that couples can find themselves in, the play tells the reader no matter what true love will always come through. Anyone can write about a perfect loving couple’s story but writing about the worst takes skill.

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There is more of a challenge, but this is for a higher purpose. If people saw what could be worst they would appreciate their own relationship. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet based on parts of real life; he bases his characters on emotions and feelings of people while in love. Benvolio represents calm, order, and peace of mind. Mercutio represents the happy side and joking part of the relationship; he also represents the hate one might feel in love and the problems.

This is made by the fact that Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech, which he explains love as vile. Tybalt represents the anger and violence of couples in a relationship, his mood is seen as angry and violent, such as how a relationship might get.