Affirmative Action Policies

Imagine going to a school that had to be shut down because of fumes and backed-up toilets that was caused by a sewage problem that flowed into the kitchen, students’ bathroom and through the basement. What if you lived in fear because you were afraid that you were going to be taken from your home? Or that you didn’t have real teachers just substitutes or good supplies or any textbooks and that no one really cared about you or your school so then how would you feel? These are reasons that I believe affirmative action should be allowed; affirmative action is a policy that has been created because of all the racist and sexist views in our society.People who live in East St. Louis deal with this everyday they have no escape and know that they don’t have much of a future. This is why affirmative action is good, it can help these people get a future and make something of their lives. I believe that affirmative action is a good thing but I do believe that it should be on your income and not your race or gender.

Affirmative action is a helpful thing for people who live in conditions like this; I feel it is only fair for them to get a chance at a good education and a good future. They really can’t help it if they didn’t go to a great middle school or high school.David Sacks and Peter Thiel say that affirmative action is creating more racism, which I believe that is true because points should not be given for race it should be given for income. When they give points for race, people start to question if those people got in because of their grades or because of affirmative action.This is why affirmative action should only be based on income when affirmative action is only supporting race and gender then you can get more racism and sexism, which causes everyone to be separate and causes a false interaction. Affirmative action can be a very useful and helpful if used for the right purpose.

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