Affirmative Action: Social Policy

Case Study on Affirmative Action:

Affirmative action is also called positive discrimination and this phenomenon means that the certain racial, sexual, ethnic and other minorities are provided with the benefits and extra rights in order to improve their position in the society and the workplace. Affirmative action is important when there is the need to achieve statistic equality between the people who are different according to the certain categories. The brightest example of positive discrimination is the extra protection of the ethnic minorities whose number is very low in the country and there is a demand to provide them with the chance to survive and save this ethnic identity. Affirmative action is a strict demand in business and multinational corporations.

There is a strict requirement that the staff of employees should consist of the representatives of different ethnic groups, religious views, colour of skin, etc in order to demonstrate the variety of the company.Evidently, there are many advantages and disadvantages of affirmative action. The single positive side is that people are given an equal chance to work and study and live with other people on the same rights in order to save their identity. Unfortunately, there is a serious disadvantage which makes affirmative action senseless. When there is a choice between the two employees: the one possesses knowledge and top qualification but belongs to the majority of the society and the other one can not be called a skilful employee but belongs to the group of people which have to be taken care of – the latter receives the workplace.

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There are several types of positive discrimination which touch upon such groups of people: racial and ethnic minorities; women; disabled people; former soldiers, etc.The topic of affirmative action is surely a relevant one, because it has become widely practised all over the world. If a student is asked to prepare a successful case study on affirmative action, he should research the topic himself and learn about it from all sides. A student is expected to research the case site and analyze the cause and effect of the problem related with positive discrimination and value the consequences of the problem soberly providing his own effective solutions to it.It is always a problem to complete a good case study which would meet all the requirements of the professor. The Internet provides students with the opportunity to find and read a free example affirmative action case study prepared by the professional writer to catch the idea of the composition of the correct paper.

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