The Affirmative Action Debate

References Poor personality personality Ambitious – wants to progress within the company Not very aggressive – doubtful that he will progress within the company Members of management did not seem to like her** Members of management seemed to like him** k- Advertisement did not say union experience was necessary ** – All Philadelphia members of management are white males NH I Would Hire June Tries nun meets the minimum qualifications stated in the advertisement. The company affirmative action office strongly advised him to hire her. She is something that the company does not currently have. She can bring new things to the table.

She is ambitious and wants to go father in the company. She is goal oriented and is driven to succeed. She is opinionated, and seems to stand up for herself based on the fact that she said she would sue the company for discrimination if she did not get the Job.

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Based on the track record of current and previous personnel managers she could quite possibly nave a valid argument t I would also snow to hire author TTY that diversity is Unwelcome in this company. Based off of their history the company does not come off Nell to minorities.

I could not base all of my decision based off Mr.. Greens opinionated notes. For all I know Mr..

Green Just likes Bob Young because of his race and gender. Mr.. Green sounds like he already Judged Mr.. Trier’s based on the fact that she is a black woman.

The only good opinion he had about her was that she was ambitious. NH I Would Not Hire Bob Young He is not driven to move farther in the company. He is Just like all of the other managers, and seems to bring nothing new to the company.