Case Study: Affirmative Action for Contemporary Discrimination

The problem of discrimination is indeed a complicated issue for the society as this negates the ideal living and welfare condition for certain individuals who are viewed to be minorities and socially insignificant to the whole society context. This is indeed in contrast with the ideal values of equality and justice for the people wherein each has the right to live like the every one. In this ideal vision, none should feel oppressed or lesser than the others because of his or her background, individuality, physical characteristic and others.

Thus, to address this issue, the society has developed and implemented an approach to contradict the discrimination in various social institutions and organization namely the affirmative action principles.However, in the present, a contemporary perspective brought about by the people possessing background profile of discrimination victims consider the affirmative action approach to be ineffective and further derogatory to their social condition. This is mainly due to the approach of the affirmative action that makes certain arrangement equalizing the condition of discrimination victims. This makes a social scenario giving the held minorities certain privileges and handicapped which is considered by the subjects to be negative in their efforts of overcoming their discriminated status. Due to the influence of affirmative action, most people negate the achievements and efforts of the held discriminated individuals to be mere products of their handicapped.Thus, to resolve this issue, an evaluatory approach must be considered namely the influence of discrimination in the contemporary society.

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Basically, discrimination in the present is not as rampant as that in the past thus, the approach in resolving this issue should be adjusted accordingly taking consideration of this concept. In addition, the values of the victims of discrimination in the present are also likewise changing wherein they adapt positively to the challenge through exerting more efforts towards their achievements. Indeed, this effort must likewise be considered in the social scenario of addressing discrimination. For example, the influence of affirmative action in the aspect of admission policies in higher education should be adjusted taking consideration the said arguments. To highlight the efforts and achievements of all people in dealing with admission policies, the handicapped given by the influence of affirmative action should indeed be removed. In general, equal opportunity for admission in higher education should be given to every individual as part of the equal right in the society however, certain handicap or privileges should not be implemented prioritizing certain social groups namely the held discrimination victims.

As such, equal opportunity with equal perspective must be implemented to promote the values of fairness and equality in the society.


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