Afterschool Parent Involvement Plan

Meetings in daycare centre and baby schools or even kindergartens are scheduled on weekend because of the parents and guardians nature of jobs. The parents tend not to attend meetings even if they are set on weekends due to many reasons which are researched and explained. In the research done in South Carolina, the state is becoming alarming to an extent of other parents not spending their quality time with the children due to the nature of jobs they do (Macron, 1989). The same research shows how the children are affected and this called for schools to come up with strategic plan that will ensure they attend the meetings. Most of the parent are not attending evening or weekend meetings because of their nature of jobs.

When parents own more than one job they tend to be more involved in their jobs rather than attending the meetings (Macron, 1989). Other parents work overtime to carter for their bills thus not finding time to attend the meetings.In some cases which emerged in the field, most parents give their account on the issue as ignorance taking a center stage whereby they assume roles in that everything that happens in a school compound or centers is upon the caretakers and the school management board. To them there part is covered after paying school fees to the caretaakers or educators (Macron, 1989). As a parent involvement on the meetings is very important. It helps in under standing the environment our children spend when we are not with them.

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It also gives the caretaker chance to understand the background of the children and help them accordingly.To conclude the parents are should be involved in what there children do and by that they understand them thus helping our children achieve and stay healthy. The rules should explain the role played by each and penalties if failure to abide by. Through these the parents will squeeze time which will ensure they attend to the meetings.