Against School

Introduction Education is one of the best gifts a parent could ever provide to his or her children. According to researchers, with education, children are likely to become more responsible and productive adults in the future. In addition, the fruits of education can be evidently seen by the many inventions and new technology people are currently experiencing.

In most cases, children receive their education in schools. These schools are continually providing children with many forms of education. However, certain scholars like John Taylor Gatto in his writing ‘Against Schools’ believe that schools are not the best strategy to provide education. I disagree with his arguments. Discussion According to Gatto, teaching can be provided to any child and anywhere. Gatto has continued to provide readers with evidence that many prominent people in the past were not products of the school system.

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One of the prominent leaders was George Washington. However, Gatto fails to state that these examples is only a handful in comparison to what the school is providing the society. People like President Barrack Obama have endured the school system for the better part of thir life to gain knowledge and be where they are today. Additionally, it is because of the schools that people are able to improve their living standards with the knowledge they possess.In addition to the above, Gatto specifically states that teachers do not know the subject they are teaching and they are not keen to learn more.

Students believe that teachers do not offer materials in accordance with the subject expectations and needs. In this case, they become bored. However, if this notion would be followed, then there will be no learning. This means that students would not be able to learn or specialize in their subjects. Therefore, one tends to wonder how the doctors or the lawyers were able to gain education if the teachers in schools did not know the subjects they were teaching.

For this reason, I tend to disagree with the readings of Gatto. Gatto is continually stating that the school system does not provide children with a wide scope of knowledge. He means that schools do not provide children with real life experiences. This is because schools tend to concentrate on impacting knowledge using books and other sources that do not offer life experiences. However, Gatto fails to mention that it is in schools that children learn the skills of socializing. These skills are extremely essential in the real society.

In my opinion, schools offer the best platform for socializing skills. Therefore, I tend to disagree with Gatto’s writing ‘Against Schools.’ Finally, Gatto argues that schools are extremely rigid, and they do not account for any changes. As a result, they offer uniformity in education eliminating the possibility of some children attaining higher education compared with others despite their potential. Moreover, Gatto fails to mention that in these schools talent or extra potential in a child is noticed by a teacher.

Therefore, I tend to disagree with the writings of Gatto.Conclusion Presently, many arguments have been arising as to whether the children are receiving the best education in the school. In this case, they state that other ways of providing a better education exists. In addition, schools are extremely rigid, and the teachers fail to grasp the concept of the subject they are teaching. They fail to understand that these schools provide social education, impact skills, and realize potential talent or skills in certain students.

For this reason, I tend to disagree with Gatto’s writing ‘Against Schools.’