Air Force Research

A career choice can vary depending on what a persons common interests are. Depending on what a person likes, he or she would usually take upon there opportunities to have their dream job which usually has something to do with their interests. Other reasons why people would accept a certain career is because they have a skill set that exceeds the recommendations for that career. In the Air Force, there are many jobs that can satisfy many peoples standards for what they would want to do in life. One job that I would be interested in would be a Air Craft Maintenance Officer.

This specific job involves maintaining and keeping a check on many of the air planes and fighter jets “to make sure they are ready and have passed test that prove they are ready and ok to fly, carry missiles, and move equipment”. First of all to join the Air Force, recruits must take a series of entrance exams that have tested the recruits on their knowledge in a overall understanding of all subjects. After that test, recruits are sent for a physical and mental screening. These test are to make sure they are physically able to join the Air Force during their time serving, they wont have any health issues that could affect their health. A second test called the ASVAB.

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Helps determine a job that would best fit the needs, wants, and characteristics of the recruit. After all applicants test are complete. They can now begin to prepare themselves for BMT, Basic Military Training, and then must wait until they are called by the United States Air Force who may announce when they are leaving for BMT. The United States Air Force Basic Military Training is a rigorous eight week program that test all skills that each recruit may acquire Each week is a teaching of a new and different subject, these weeks are used to teach recruit’s the common skills that they need to serve in any branch of the United States Military. By learning all of these major skills that they must need for serving in the military, you may see yourself begin to become smarter, tougher, and stronger as a individual person. Fulfilling each skill is a step closer to finishing their time in Basic Military Training and finally fulfilling in joining the United States Air Force.

After BMT, soldiers are then assigned a job which can vary on how good they did in BMT. Not all jobs that one has requested in promised, but you are given one that is similar or a better choice that benefits yourself and the Air Force. When a job is assigned the soldier must attend a tech school to start learning the proper skills that is needed for the job that they were assigned. Each tech school can vary of how long recruits may attend based on which job their were assigned. Once graduated from tech school, soldiers are sent to a air base that can vary from any where’s in the world, and they can now begin their Air Force career and lifestyle. There are many benefits in joining the Air Force.

A major benefit that can affect soldiers the most is schooling. The Air Force can begin to pay soldiers to go to school while also gaining a college education. Other benefits that are given is the process of how soldiers are paid. Soldiers are based on a year to year salary in the United Sates Air Force. “the longer they are in the Air Force and more time they serve, the more and more their pay increases each year.

Soldiers pay can also be affected by which rank and class their in as a Airmen”. other great benefits are the retirement and insurance program. All benefits that are giving in the Air Force can affects ones life in a great meaning. Some Branches of the Military may not ever offer as many great benefits as the United States Air Force does. Overall, being in the air force can be a honorable and courteous thing to do as a American. living and Air Force life can have many struggles but it van be just as normal as a regular everyday job that most Americans have.

By joining the Air Force Americans of all type can step up to the call of serving their country.