Alcohol Abuse

Is Alcohol Abuse wrong? Alcohol Abuse is when someone drinks too much of liquor to were they don’t know what they are doing anymore so they start to hurt them selves or others. Some people may think its wrong, and others may think it isn’t. Alcohol Abuse isn’t just from dead on drunks! It can be with anyone who decides to drink to much that night. This is causing them to hurt their loved ones.

This is caused by many reasons. One reason for the cause of alcohol abuse is because things are bad at home. So they decide to go out and waste the night away by drinking to much alcohol. They figure “oh well, what’s the point in life?” so when you constantly see them with a beer or a shot in their hands then you know some thing is up. So when they finally find there way home to their wives or children, and we start pounding their heads with questions like “where the hell have you been?” or “have you been drinking?” All that anger that’s been wild up finally comes out.

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So they start having their fits, and eventually you end up on the ground and bleeding, but there is nothing you can do but cry. Secondly alcoholism usually ends up with the guys on the wrong end. So they are the ones who end up being the bad guys. I’m not saying that girls don’t abuse alcohol too because they do. It’s really because they don’t know how to handle things like girls do. They end up worrying too much or they are just angry! There is no telling who has an alcohol problem until you experience it yourself.

The third cause of alcohol abuse is that they are afraid of losing their friends, or they won’t be considered “cool” if they don’t drink so much. But eventually it becomes out of hand. I’m not saying that girls don’t do these things too because they most definitely do. So in the end they end up losing their families, friends, and what they thought was being “cool” too. So remember Alcohol Abuse isn’t just hurting others, it’s putting alcohol into your body hurting yourself as well.

It doesn’t mean you’re cool either. It definitely shouldn’t be caused by problems at home also. You shouldn’t abuse alcohol because it will abuse YOU! So I ask you again. Do you think Alcohol Abuse is wrong??