Drunk VS Alcohol

I believe that drunk driving is a big social issue. People lose their lives caused by drunk driving. Many times children lose their lives because of drunk driving.The percent of drunk driving is 23.4 percent,the highest rate of drunk driving is ages 21 to 25.

For example In 2012 29.1 million people admitted to driving under the influence (DUI). The drunk driving percent has gone down 63% sense 1991. Even though the rate is going down it is still happening all of the United States.Drunk driving is one of the most causes of crashes, deaths, and injuries.

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For example 31% of deaths in the United States is caused by drunk driving. Many of the times fatal crashes are caused by drunk driving. According to the National highway traffic administration says that in 2013 estimated that 10,076 people died by drunk driving. Kids, adults, and drivers die by drunk drivers every year, the estimated ages of children deaths by drunk driving is 14 and under.Drunk driving is a very big social issue because people lose their lives.

We need to enforce drunk driving more seriously so there will be less injuries, and deaths. If we do this driving would be more safe for children and the next generation of drivers.