Alexander Hamilton

Since the debut of Broadway’s Hamilton, many people have become interested in learning more about Alexander Hamilton.

He had a huge impact on the early government of America.However, as the musical states, “Every other Founding Father’s story gets told, but when you’re gone who remembers your name?” (Miranda).Hamilton’s contributions are often forgotten, some people don’t even realize he’s on the ten dollar bill, but Hamilton’s role as a Founding Father is very important. Having had a terrible childhood, filled with death and tragedy, Hamilton’s future would be affected says that, “Hamilton was the son of James Hamilton and Rachel Fawcett Lavien.He was born in Nevis, British West Indies, and left with his mother when his father left them after abusing Rachel” (Alexander Hamilton).Left alone as a child, Hamilton took the hardships that impacted his life and did what he could to get to the top. He realized, at an early age, that his skill with pen and paper, and his ability to express himself through pen and paper, would bring him success.Hamilton wrote his first great piece when his hometown was hit by a hurricane. This was the piece that sent him to King’s College.

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order now states that, “In the fall of 1773, at age 16, Hamilton entered King’s College, which would later be renamed Columbia” (PBS).Finding early success as a writer provided him opportunities in the colonies.He never let his bad childhood prevent him from a successful future. The Founding Father did many important things in his life that are still significant to today’s society. states that, “Along with John Jay and James Madison, Hamilton wrote “The Federalist Papers,” a series of essays that defended the yet-to-be-approved Constitution. Hamilton composed more than two-thirds of the 85 essays, which were published in New York newspapers in 1787-88″(PBS).Even though many of the Founding Fathers thought that a two party system would be problematic, Hamilton’s essays in the Federalist Papers set up the first two party system, the Federalists and the Anti-federalists.His writings helped shape American government, setting up systems that are still in place notes that, “He was responsible for creating the First Bank of the United States on the model of the Bank of England, and his Report on Manufactures fostered commercial and industrial development in the new nation.” (Alexander Hamilton).Thomas Jefferson wanted to get rid of this new financial system, but through the persuading words of Hamilton, and the deciding vote from Washington, his bank was established. Even after the approval of the bank, there were several arguments over how Hamilton’s bank would function.While it took Hamilton some time, his federal reserve system is still in place today.

The young writer didn’t really want to be a writer, he wanted to fight, thinking this would be his path to states that,”In 1777 Hamilton accepted a position on Washington’s staff. Atthe time of Hamilton’s appointment, the Army was plagued by poor organization and a lack of financing,” it was here that Hamilton pointed out, “that these problems would also plague the liberated colonies unless they were solved, began to search for solutions” (PBS).Hamilton was a can-do person and wanted to make his country great.He wouldn’t stop until he knew it was safe and well organized for generations to says, “By 1774 he was speaking at public meetings and writing revolutionary essays, and in 1776 he became a captain of artillery.(Alexander Hamilton)Even though Hamilton was good at writing, he longed for war.It wasn’t until the Revolutionary War that Hamilton was serious inhis writing career.He was known for his military excellence and his ability to write about most anything, it just took him a while to figure it out. Although Alexander Hamilton had a difficult childhood, he rose above his conflict in honor.After coming to America, he found several opportunities to make himself successful.Even though some didn’t agree with his politics, his ideas and policies are still in effect today.