Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton’s love for surfing, the shark attack, and her Devotion to God is what this essay is about.

I chose to write this essay on Bethany Hamilton because she really inspires me. Bethany Hamilton was born on February eighth 1990. And lost her left arm when she was only thirteen years of age. Her family is Cherilyn (mom), Thomas (dad), Noah (brother), Timothy also known as Tim (brother), and a dog Ginger. She wrote a couple books about herself and AnnaSophia Robb played Bethany in the 2011 movie Soul Surfer. Bethany always had a strong connection with God.

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Surfing is one of the sports that Bethany has been involved in since she was little. Even after the attack she had a very positive attitude. All Bethany wanted after the attack was to get back into the water. Being fit and healthy is important to Bethany. One of Bethany’s favorite activities to do when she is not surfing is hanging out with her family and friends.

Bethany learned how to surf when she was only two years old. Her first competition was when she was eight years old. Her passion was to become a professional surfer but when she got attacked by a shark her goal got a little thrown off task. She became a professional suffer at age seventeen. Bethany’s whole family surfs, even her parents! Alana Blancard is Bethany’s best friend and also surfs.

Hamilton was sponsored by Rip Curl and Tim Carroll Surfboards when she was nine years old and sponsored by Angel shoes when she was ten to twelve years old. In 2002 she ranked first place. Hamilton got right back in the water after her stitches came out. Surfing always got in the way of school so Bethany’s mom homeschooled her and Alana. Winning is not everything to her having fun is the most important part. Bethany has traveled all over the world for surfing competitions.

The Shark attack happened when she was only thirteen. On October thirty first 2003 Bethany’s left arm got bitten off by a fourteen-foot Tiger Shark. When the shark bit her arm off she did not even scream she just paddled over to best friend’s dad and said ” I got attacked by a shark”. She lost sixty% of her blood and made it through several surgeries without infection. A positive attitude was with her all the time.

After one month Bethany was back in the water surfing after a cupple times. Her brother Timothy actually got first time backup on tape. After getting back in the water there was a lot of publicity: newspaper, T.V., and the Radio.

The hardest part of going back to surfing was not being able to duck dive so her father made a handle on her surfboard to help her. I think that Bethany will be surfing all her life. I hope that Bethany does great in all her competitions. She was twenty years old when Soul Surfer was released. Once I heard about the books about her after watching the movies I wanted to read them I did and they were great. Bethany has a strong connection with God.

When Bethany was only five she made a personal relationship with God. She said,”It was Jesus Christ who gave me peace when I was attached by a shark”. Church was really important to her she never wanted to miss it. She also went to Church Groups for her to get to know more kids and quality time with her family. Her favorite Quote is, “I can not change it that was Gods plan for me and I am going to go with it”.

God means everything to her. Soul Surfer Devotions is a book that she wrote about her devotion to God. Before each surf competitions she prays to God to help her win. To me church in Hawaii would be more fun because it is outside instead of inside. I can not believe her devotion to God because is is SO strong.

When people ask Bethany what her faith in God is she says, “everything!” I hope you learned something about Bethany Hamilton because I sure did. To recap Bethany leared how to surf when she was two years old. She lost her arm when she was thirteen by a fourteen-foot tiger shark. God means pretty much everything to her. She had a strong relationship with God at a young age. Traveling is one of the things that she does a lot.

Alana is Bethanys best friend and she surfes too. Bethany comes from a surfing family. Ginger is Bethany’s dog and also a best friend. Even when she was having a hard time after the attack she always had a positive attitude. Bethany inspired me and I hope she inspired you too.