Book Report

Double Identity Name: Jasmine Moss Date: 1/16/09 Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix Introduction The book I read is a science fiction book called double identity.

The book was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The book has two main characters are Bethany Cole, Joss Wilker, Walter Krull, Aunt Myrile. Summary The book double identity is about a girl name Bethany a twelve year old girl. Who is sweeped out of her bed an put into her family car. Bethany is in a car with her sobbing mother and father, neither parent will tell her where they’re going or why her mother has been crying for.

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Soon after a long quiet car ride they arrive in a small town in the middle of the night, where she is told that she will stay with a lady called her parents call Aunt Myrlie. Not long after they have arrived in the small town they pull up to a house they is faded by the darkness. Bethany’s mother is in the passenger seat overcome with grief, Then, the car pulls to a stop and on the side of the street and her dad makes a complete stop. He then gets out of the car and opens the trunk pulling out a suitcase and handing it to Bethany.

As she gets out of the car her dad walks her to the door, Bethany’s dad says a long goodbye. Bethany’s dad starts explaining that it is only temporary and that the will be back to get her in a few days right before her thirteenth birthday.

He then gives her a kiss on the cheek goodbye and knocks on the door. Amazingly, her overly protective parents drive off and leave her with the stranger. Not long after meeting the new stranger Bethany tries calling her parents, not knowing that their cell phones have been disconnected.

She wants to beg them to come back and decides to stop trying for a while. The next morning, her father calls to tell her, surprisingly, that she’s safer where she is than with them. She overhears Myrlie tell her father that Bethany must learn about Elizabeth, which is someone she is not familiar with.

What Bethany doesn’t know is that there are more mysteries, such as the way Myrlie is shocked that Bethany loves to swim and the fact that Myrlie (who actually turns out to be Bethany’s aunt) always introduces her as a visitor instead of her niece.

The questions keep coming quickly for Bethany. Whose memorial makes Myrlie so uncomfortable? Why do people act like they’ve seen a ghost when they meet Bethany? But Bethany realizes that she’s had unanswered questions, all her life. Why does her family move constantly? Why are her parents so old? Why have they never had contact with relatives? When the truth is finally revealed, it’s astonishing and devastating. Even in her confusion and distress, Bethany realizes that the answers still don’t explain everything about her odd life. Compare ; Contrast