Book Report the Perks of Being a Wallflower

Amanda Prado Summer Reading Journal “The Perks of being a Wallflower”, by Stephen Chobsky In “The Perks… ” there are a variety of personalities portrayed through the book. Charlie being the “wallflower” of the title, was different from most of the other students at his high school.

He understood what most didn’t and didn’t Judge anyone for who they are or what they were like; on the contrary, he actually thought about and sometimes asked why they decided to be that way, and there was nothing more to it.

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Through out the book, entirely composed of letters to an unnamed “friend”, he xplains how he met eccentric people, like Sam and her step-brother Patrick; two kids a few years older than the at the time freshman Charlie. Sam was Charlie’s first love in the story, he described her as having “unconditional beauty”. Patrick was probably Charlie’s best friend. Patrick was first introduced as a strange boy he knew about nicknamed “Nothing”, a name he got after other students taunted him and he told them that if they couldn’t call him Patrick they could call them nothing, and it sort of stuck from there.

In Charlie’s letters, his siblings, older brother and sister whom he never calls by their name- Just “my brother” or “my sister’, appear in certain scenes.

Charlie usually has unusual experiences around his sister and he only sees his brother on the TV when he plays football for Penn State University. Charlie also talks about his advanced English teacher, a man whom he named Bill. Bill is never physically described, but he does give Charlie interesting and challenging books and usually asks for a book report.

Charlie has asked Bill why he can’t move into a ophmore or Junior year and Bill says it does no good for they all do a similar thing. The time period in which Charlie is writing to his “friend”, was from August 21 , 1991 and August 23,1992. Through out that year, Charlie experiences what sex and seduction were really about.

He saw how people liked him for being different, for not caring. Charlie experienced what he called feeling infinite. He experimented with drugs and tobacco and alcohol. He went through ups and downs and times of endless crying.

He talked about his depression of the deaths of his beloved Aunt Helen and best middle school friend, Micheal. Charlie portrays how innocence developed into experience in a short period of time; Charlie really is character who a middle schooler, or freshman – senior student could learn from.

*** In my own opinion though, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” was literally a life- changing book. It shows how high school can affect the way you experience certain events. Charlie may be awkward around his friends, but that’s what makes him special; it’s what makes him relatable. I enjoyed reading such a dramatic tale.

Charlie as a wallflower who didn’t care and I think that everyone knows or will meet a “Charlie”, someone eccentric and different who listens to indie music and has a mother with great style. I can relate to Charlie when he felt awkward because Just a few days ago, on MY own first day of high school was scary and awkward because I had no idea what i was doing and who was who.

Although I enjoyed the story, I think I thought it was a little strange that someone managed to get out of sync so quickly. I was also surprised to believe that Brad wasn’t brave enough to confront his parents, ainly his father and tell them that he was gay.

It also saddened me to find out the Brad called Patrick such a derogatory name. In many moments through out the book I think that it’s funny that Charlie can go so in depth about his sexual experiences, occasional drug use, and his family life with a complete stranger. Though I understand how it is that he can do that considering he Just wanted to vent to a complete stranger.

In the book I really loved reading the section when Patrick and Charlie get really drunk off the wine and begin to tell each other stories they knew bout.

I find it confusing how Charlie goes through so many phases of depression so quickly. I think that almost all teens go through a certain time of depression, some more than others but Charlie’s is kind of exaggerated I think. I can relate to Charlie though when he cried about losing his beloved Aunt Helen, because of what I went through when my grandfather passed away. I admire how maturely Charlie explained the quote, “l would die for you.

But I wont live for you”. His idea that ” every person has to live for his/her own life and then make the choice to share it with ther people.

Maybe that is what makes people ‘participate. ‘”, is very strong and I think makes perfect sense and defines life a little bit. In my opinion also, I think that I and pretty much everyone else is alike Charlie, because we can be open and agree to other’s thoughts. We can all watch, and hear and talk about differing opinions and in the end not really Judge the opinions.

The fact that Stephen Chobsky chose to create a story about a boy growing up and being labeled different catagories, especially a wallflower”, is an interesting idea.

Most authors wouldn’t be so daring to write about something so controversial. And Charlie’s story is controversial; most parents and teachers wouldn’t want their children to read something about the experiences that a boy has in high school, but at some point we have to realize what’s true and false. In the book, I really enjoyed reading the last 30 or so pages, because they really show how much more mature and understanding Charlie has grown to be and I hope to someday have a similar experience.