Sarny Book Report

These stories have some ‘real’ aspects but also have a fictional dimension. The setting might be from a real period of history but the author Invents the characters and uses imagination. Your Task is to make a poster about your book. You must cover all the tasks below and you also need to speak about your book for one minute in class. Provide details of the title, author, date of publication and publisher

Setting: Where and when Is your book set? Draw a picture that relates In some way to the setting Plot: What happens in the story.

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Write a summary of no more than 200 words. Characters: Describe the characters. Are they based on real historical figures or are they purely fictional or a blend of both? How do their lives differ from ours today? Pose a question that you are curious about in relation to the life of one of the characters and then write the response you imagine they might give to that question.

In their shoes: Select a character and give a brief profile (age, occupation, personality etc. ) Would you like to have lived in the time and place of that character? You need to fully explain your reasons, Oral presentation: The aim is to practice speaking in front of others. Choose some aspect of the book that interests you.

It might be that you choose to explain what working conditions were like for people in that time or say something about the genealogy that your book explored.

The topic is up to you but it must have some relevance to the book (which you would show in your talk). You will need to avoid reading so a small card with dot points is all that you may use. Criteria: Demonstrates knowledge of the book Shows understanding of the setting/context Effectively describes characters Incorporates personal opinion or viewpoints Demonstrates accuracy with spelling, grammar and expression.