The Lost Hero Book Report

The Lost Hero Book Report by: For this book report I am going to be listing three main characters, describing their personalities, and finding a quote for each which shows their personalities. 1. Jason: Jason is the focus of this book. He was struck with amnesia so is unable to remember anything. Jason is a brave, intelligent, and accepting person who is trying to find out about his past.

He never turns down a challenge and is always ready for trouble. He is also responsible and knows his duties. “She chose us, all three of us. We’re the first of the seven who have to gather for the Great Prophecy..

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. This quote helps show his ability to accept responsibility and accept difficult tasks realizing he’s risking his life for the greater good of the planet. 2. Piper: Piper is one feisty girl. Piper is very protective of her friends and is ready for a good fight. She is on a search for her father and is very determined to get him back.

She will do anything to reach her goals. She is courageous and caring and a good friend. “She knew she might be signing her dad’s death warrant, but she cared too much about her friends to let them hurt each other. At this point in the book, Medea, an ancient Greek who has been brought to life, charms Pipers friends into thinking they want to fight each other and tells Piper that if she doesn’t intervene, she can get her dad back. Piper chooses to intervene because she knows her friends will kill each other. This shows her sense of loyalty and determination.

In the end, with shear determination, Piper is able to also save her dad. 3. Leo: Leo is quite the jokester. Leo takes almost nothing seriously but is still able to get through tough situations.He thinks fast and is always on his toes.

Leo is somewhat of a genius with machines and can make anything out of almost anything. Even though Leo isn’t very serious he is still a great person for the team to have around. “….. but Old Potty Face said something about Porpoise Fear, or something? ” said Leo. “You mean Porphyrion” corrected Piper.

This quote shows his levity and cavalier attitude. Leo, Piper and Jason were planning their next steps of their journey. Piper and Jason watched as Leo fixed their robotic dragon.