All About Keller

Helen Keller is a strong influence on not only the deaf/blind community but the world because she shows that being handicap doesn’t mean you can’t follow you dreams and that nothing is impossible. Influencing not only the public, Keller made an impact on more well known people of her era.For example, Ronald Reagan and Eleanor Roosevelt were inspired by Helen.

(“How Did Helen Keller Change the World?”) IfHelen Keller could inspire presidents Ronald Reagan and Eleanor Roosevelt even with her disabilities then what’s to say anyone else can’t?She made a clear statement that anyone can do anything no matter what.In 1914 Keller spoke for Women’s rights and impacted America majorly going into WW1. Not only was she impacting people with disabilities, but she impacted America as a whole. She overcame her handicapness and showed that she was more than a girl without her sight and hearing abilities. Even though Helen Keller lost her vision and hearing she still powered through her life as if her illness had not occurred.

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Writing over thirty books, Keller still taught and visited schools. At just age 12 Keller wrote her first autobiography, kickstarting her love for writing. Later, as a junior, she published her first ever book. She didn’t stop here but continued to write and publish. As she continued she didn’t let anything stop her or get in the way.Looking at the amazing accomplishments throughout her life, it shows that she was a hard working women and took her job seriously.

Helen continued to work diligently from the start to the end of her career, resulting in great impacts. Helen Keller set great examples for people of all ages. For instance she attended Horace Mann School for the Deaf, Wright-Humason School for the Deaf, Radcliffe College, and Cambridge School for Young Ladies. (“Helen Keller.”) Going to four different schools wasn’t required, but she went and bettered herself.Helen Keller was the first woman to receive a honorary degree from Harvard University. Not only did she receive an honorary degree, but she was the first woman ever to receive one. This gives women hope and shows that they can do anything they want. Helen shows that education is valuable and something that everyone should get. To describe the life of Helen Keller would be to say it was hard, eventful, and successful. She got to where she was because of hard work and belief.

If she didn’t believe she could do it she wouldn’t have tried and worked as hard as she did. She got an education, wrote many books, and inspired many throughout her life, all while dealing with a terrible handicap situation. Citations “Helen Keller.”

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