All Eyes On Me

All eyes on me I knew it from day 1. From when I was a freshman and now I’m a Junior. They watched me lacking.

They watched me skip my classes. They watched me curse and act and fool. All eyes on me see. Now I’m different. They see me changing They see me maturing.

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They watching me I see. They waiting for me to slip up and start lacking. They waiting for me to put my guard down. Let’s be honest that’s never going to happen. All eyes on me.

Teacher watching. My family watching. My enemies watching. My associates watching. Random people watching too.

All eyes on me I see. Tell me. What you see. You see a girl maturing? You see a girl thats determine and motivated? You see a girl that is intelligent, unquie, talented, talkative, goofy, and creative? You see a girl trying to control her attitude and temper? Tell me. What do you see? All eyes on me I see. So tell me what you peep.

Tell waht you seeomg.