Eyes Through Education

Education has so many people involved from kids, to the government officials and all of these people have some sort of perspective on education. But in education we need those “eyes” to look upon our education. The education system can never have enough views or opinions because in today’s society, our education is in a structured form. People seem to think that people’s perspectives aren’t ever or maybe rarely ever taken into consideration. If the school board would implement citizens ideas we would have a more structured and stronger education class and system. “Eyes through Education” is basing people’s perspectives on education and how those perspectives could make or break the schools in our societies.

If parents could have a say in how our schools were run, there would be a dramatic change in what could happen to the schools. Think of this; how or what can we do to improve our schools in America. Knowing that each school system has its flaws, not one school system has been perfected but we can sure come close if perspectives were taken into consideration. This can range from a multiple of things, from the school grounds condition, to the schools systems programs and how they are ran. So many things could impact the way our societies education system are ran if in the case that students and parents perspectives were taken into view, and also put into thought on how those ideas could help. Think that if those ideas were actually put into action so many amazing outcomes could arise for those schools or school systems.

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For example schools conditions can be improved , and also schools can improve their programs or new classes could be added to benefit the students varied abilities. But people’s perspectives are huge in all education systems. Continuing on the thought that parents and students perspectives are rarely taken into account and put into action to help the schools systems. Most school systems think about what their top priority is in the school system, and solely focuses on that specific problem. That is the issue at hand if you had a bunch of perspectives together the school board could address so many more issues with the school system, instead of just one big picture.

Not many school systems take the time to realize what they are actually missing without citizens perspectives. These could have a huge impact on how our school systems are developed. All of these things have an impact in some kind of way, and if perspectives about education were involved that could really pack a punch. That could really make some major changes arise throughout many school districts. But school systems need to start putting these ideas and action into effect.

These are the big things that the education system are missing, “People’s Ideas and Plans”. If the schools weren’t missing perspectives the education systems would be flawless. How do you think that our schools are standardized? Not many people even about the nation’s schools being “standardized”. That is because most citizens don’t really take the time to question how our nation’s schools are either are progressing or degressing. But if more people did take the time to look into theses things, I think our schools wouldn’t have as many issues with schools being standardized. The reason this epidemic of schools being standardized isn’t good is because it can have a negative impact on the students that have attended school.

The negative impact is how standardized schools teach and run their programs. Reason’s that not many students can in in this environment is because students learn in so many different ways. Standardized schools only know of one way to appeal to the students; which are those certain learners. That is when you can see the issues with the standardized schools, the is reason is because test scores in these schools drop because not all students can learn in a “standardized environment”. If more people were involved as a society then this “standardized school world” will start to collapse in on itself. Reason that they will start to collapse is because people will start to see all of the many issues with these certain type of standardized schools.

New schools that are less or not at all close to being standardized will start to open. These new schools will hopefully start to appeal to how all students learn, instead of just one. But these new schools could only appear with the help of the public learning and being informed about the schools that we have in our societies today. Also informing the public that standardized schools aren’t teaching our students anything in today’s world. With the development of these new schools they will hopefully lead to higher test scores and also higher graduation rates. Those rates compared to the standardized school would be nothing compared to what these new schools would be accomplishing.

But the rates would be totally different between a school that is standardized and a school that is totally different by being non-standardized.