Alternative Energy

Pollution due to burning coal is a serious problem. It goes into the air and damages the environment and animals around it.

Possible solutions to this could be the building to more hydroelectric dams, wind turbines or solar panels. Hydroelectric dams are a great source for renewable electricity. Areas with big bodies of water could start building more of these to power their cities. Much of Los Vegas is powered by the Hoover Dam. It would take a couple years to build these dams but it does has its benefits.

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Not only do you get electricity from the water, but it is also a protective barrier to stop floods. This can make once uninhabitable floodlands habitual. Not only are you provided with clean energy, but also with more land to expand civilization. Secondly you could build wind turbines. Wind turbines are obviously only useful in areas with high winds. The mid-west already has many of these in place to help reduce pollution by using this clean energy.

You would get vast amounts of energy with no pollution at all. The only drawback to wind turbines is the space needed to build these. You Would need a very sizable amount of land to build these. Lastly you could use solar panels to get clean energy. Solar panels take the energy from the sun and store them for later use.

They do not create any pollution at all. These are already in place on many people’s houses. They use them to cut back on the energy they need to buy from the city and reduce the burning of coal and other pollutants. The only drawbacks to solar panels are the cost and how fragile they are. These panels are very expensive but can save you a lot of money in the long run if they are taken care of and used right.

These are the three best ways to create alternative energy and also reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air. If more of these solutions could be put in place there would be no coal to burn and the destruction of the ozone would cease. Its a big investment at first, but it’s worth it to save the planet for future generations.