Alternative Energy Resources

The year is 1951 in Russia. It’s during the Soviet era. It’s quiet in the country, but a nasty breeze drifts down from the mountains.

In the Ural mountains, radioactive waste is being dumped from a nearby nuclear bomb manufacturing building. Russia was once the most polluted country in the world. Their lakes, streams, and sky were filled with chemicals and radioactivity levels were high. Now, in 2018, with Russia’s Soviet era ending, the country is much more clean. But the earth might not be for long.

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Alternative energy is using energy sources such as solar, hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal in place of using fossil fuels or coal. Fossil fuels are substances like oil that cannot be replaced. As time goes on, the earth will be deprived of its fossil fuels. These fuels also harm the environment. Many say that alternative energy could help the earth, while others claim it would not.

Alternative energy does have benefits because it saves natural resources, reduces environmental damages, and costs less than fossil fuels.First of all, using alternative energy saves natural, non-renewable resources. Crude oil is a fossil fuel; in other words, there’s only so much left in the world. It takes millions and millions of years to create oil underground. Using alternative energy uses resources that are replenished daily, like the sun or the air.

In the article, “Oil,” written by Jason Everett, states that, “If future generations are to have enough energy to sustain themselves at current standards, most oil will need to be replaced with renewable energy sources. This will require intense research and development of solar, wind, hydro (water), biomass, geothermal, and other forms of renewable energy” (8). Oil and coal are renewable sources, but the process to create these resources takes millions of years. When using alternative energy, the consumer uses sources renewed daily, saving our natural resources. Another article, “Pollution,” written by Cynthia Bily, stated that, “..

.it does not have to be cleaned up. Pollution prevention also conserves natural resources” (5). Pollution is created by burning coal; a natural resource. By using alternative energy, consumers are able to preserve coal, keeping the natural resource on earth for longer.

All in all, using alternative energy saves the earth’s natural resources.Additionally, using alternative energy reduces environmental damage. Burning fossil fuels is the main cause of pollution, climate change, and global warming. Using opposing energy sources, such as solar energy or hydroelectric energy, the earth doesn’t only save natural resources, but it saves the earth’s ecosystems, animals, and the atmosphere. From the article “Oil,” by Jason Everett, wrote that, “The burning of oil and other fossil fuels is the primary cause of climate change and a significant source of damage to the environment” (8). Everett illustrates that using toxic energy sources, such as oil and fossil fuels like coal, causes damage to the earth.

By using solar energy, per say, burning coal wouldn’t be needed, saving the environment around. Another example from the same article declared that, “…harms the environment, oil is considered unsustainable as a transportation fuel source” (9).

Oil harms the environment, but it also is considered unusable for gasoline in cars, planes, and trucks. The development of a car that runs off of solar panels is becoming more and more popular, and could replace the dangers of using oil in cars. Using alternative energy would increase the stability of the ecosystems of the world by decreasing pollution.Not only does using alternative energy save the environment, but it also saves the buyer’s money. Wind farms use inexpensive wind power, which is free, instead of using expensive fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources to gather their energy.

One example from the article, “Alternative Energy,” composed that, “This steam can then be used for heating purposes or to drive turbines that generate electricity. Geothermal power is generally considered to be sustainable because the earth’s internal temperature will likely remain constant for millions of years” (3). Geothermal power is using steam from water that has been heated from the earth itself to create energy by turning large turbines that generate energy. Using the earth’s heat is cheaper than buying oil and coal, which is increasing in price since the earth is losing the sources. The same article also states, “Biomass has some key advantages as an energy source.

For one, it is widely available and very cheap” (2). Biomass is using decaying plants and animals and burning them to create energy. Since plants and animals are located almost everywhere in the world, this method is widely available and cheap. If the world uses alternative energy like biomass or geothermal energy, countries worldwide could save millions of dollars.Many say that alternative energy isn’t as useful or efficient as oil. They seem to say that oil works faster, works better, and more is pumped every day.

What they decline to remember is that we consume oil faster than we can pump it from the ground. According to the International Energy Agency, the United States alone uses 19 millions barrels of oil per day. From the article “Oil,” Everett addressed that, “Oil is an unsustainable resource because use are using it faster than it could ever be replenished naturally” (4). Everett explains that the world is overusing oil. When the earth is dried of this precious substance, the world will need another way to extricate the main source of energy. If the United States uses 19 millions barrels alone (21% of the entire world’s usage), which concludes that the world will not accommodate oil.

Alternative energy is the perfect solution for the issue. By using solar power, we could power towns. Using hydroelectric energy, coastal cities would get their power. By using alternative energy, humanity could replace oil.Alternative energy is the best solution for replacing oil, coal, and other fossil fuels that the earth is being deprived of every day. By using solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass-generated energy, people would not only save natural resources, but the animals, environment and world around them.

By using these opposing energies, people could let their children and grandchildren live in a world that’s much healthier and safer. Alternative energy is safest, cleanest, and the most efficient way to go.