Non renewable resources VS. renewable resources

Factories should stop using non renewable resources to power their machines, because non renewable resources are getting harder and harder to obtain, and are often quite bad for the environment. Soon we may have no non-renewable resources left to use for important things.

Non renewable resources are decreasing in number, and soon there will be none left. Things like fossil fuels that are used as a power source are getting harder and harder to find, and using renewable resources would be much easier because there is never a shortage of things like wind, water, or solar power. Using natural energy sources are also good for Earth’s atmosphere. Burning things like coal or using oil to power a machine causes pollution, while using the Sun and wind or water around us would be much better, since they are natural and do not produce polluting substances when used. Although non renewable energy sources like oil or coal are good for powering machines and other things, we shouldn’t use them because they are non renewable.

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For example, we can tell by the fact that oil barrels were only $3.50 per barrel in 1973, that oil was cheaper then because there was more of it. But, in 2014, the price went up several dollars per barrel, indicating that it was harder to find, so people charged more for each barrel. So, in conclusion, factories should stop using power sources like coal or oil for manufacturing because they will be very hard to come by very soon, they’re bad for the earth, andsoon we will be out of non renewable energy to power our everyday things. Non-renewable resources should only be used for important things, necessities, and we shouldn’t use them to power things like cars, just so we can drive a mile to the store.