Renewable Energy

Dear Citizens Of Illinois, As a concerned Illinois citizen, our state’s use of nuclear facilities has come to my attention. Not many people know that Illinois contains the most nuclear facilities in the country. Currently we have eleven operating facilities, and three facilities that were closed down prematurely, making fourteen total nuclear facilities in Illinois! There are too many cons of nuclear energy, which is why Illinois should stop investing in this type of energy. Nuclear energy prompts a risk of thermal pollution, possible terrorist threats, and possible radiation exposure. Not to mention there is no long-term storage solution for radioactive waste.

Despite all these, the biggest problem regarding nuclear energy is a risk for an accident. In 1986, the worst nuclear accident in history occurred at the nuclear facility in Chernobyl, Ukraine. It was here where a large amount of radioactive material was released into the atmosphere. It was here where hundreds of civilians living nearby suffered from acute radiation sickness. It was here where a significant increase of cancer and deformities developed among young children still being accounted for today. The Chernobyl disaster is what we have to learn from.

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It’s been twenty-six years since this horrible disaster, and we are still relying on nuclear energy. Renewable Energy is the energy of the future. Renewable energy harvests our Earth’s natural energy into energy that we can use to supply our ever growing needs and demands. The time is now; we have the power to change. Together we can help make the switch to renewable energy, for a cleaner, healthier, happier world. Sincerely, A Concerned Illinois Citizen