Kindle Fire Amazon

In what ways does Bozo’s decision to develop and sell the Kindle and Kindle Fire show systematic and intuitive thinking? By selling the Kindle and the Kindle Fire Amazon. Com can generate more money in sales for music, books, movies, etc. They make more selling content for the Kindle and the Kindle Fire than they do on the devices themselves. Bozos thought the most reasonable thing to sell over the internet was books.

The internet offers customers to review the books, or write a book review, and it also offers them to recommend other books and more.

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Offering Kindle showed an advanced point of view since digitized media is so widespread today. It is also based on a systematized thinking that readers are bored with Just plain old books. Developing the Kindle continues to expand book readers interest not only in digitized books, but other features that the Kindle might be able to offer as well. 2. How do you describe the competitive risk in Amazon.

Coma’s environment as Wall- Mart, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers strengthen their online offerings? As the competition increases Amazon. Com runs the risk of losing some of their customer ease. In 2009 Amazon. Mom sold copies of George Rowel’s 1984 for the Kindle. After discovering that the some of the copies they sold were sold illegally Amazon. Com reached out and deleted the illegal copies of 1984 from their customer’s Kindles.

The customers were not notified before this was done. If you buy a book in print at Barns and Noble no one is going to come into your house and remove the book from your bookshelf. As long as Amazon continues to focus on increasing selection of products, availability of the products, lowering prices, and providing a great product and/or service are rime foundations of its long-term growth strategy.

Amazon is continuously looking for new markets to exploit. As CEO Bozos addresses the strategic opportunity of delivering streaming video, he calls on you for advice. Amazon’s presence and technology are already established in this market.

But what decision error and traps might cause him to make the wrong decisions regarding Amazon’s future moves, and why? At the moment there is a big fight going on over video streaming because of the amount of bandwidth it uses for one thing. Ere companies providing internet services want to charge people for video treating.

Kindle Fire Amazon Case Study

If companies are allowed to charge customers more for video streaming it may reduce the demand for it.

In The Week for April 24, 201 5 an article stated that Harper-Collins signed a pact with Amazon. Com that allows the book publisher to set it’s own e-book prices. Currently Amazon. Com NAS signed contracts Witt tour to the delve major publishing houses. Neat can he do to best avoid these mistakes? He can try to make sure that if delivering streaming video becomes exorbitant in price they discontinue it before it has an adverse effect on the company’s bottom line.

He can make sure the things he is offering on Amazon.

Com are legally free and clear. Also he can try to avoid setting so many rules and regulations for the sellers on Amazon. Com that they start doing business elsewhere. And it was arrogant of him to try and tell publishing houses Neat they would be allowed to charge for the books they, not Amazon. Com, published.

Ebay has set so many rules and regulations and is trying to control every aspect of every sale made on their site that is harder to sell on there now than it was n the past. Consequently they are driving their sellers away. If Amazon. Mom does the same they may find they too are rapidly losing customers. Delivering streaming video for purchase faces competition from free independent uploaded videos such as Youth.

Also streaming videos can take a long time and have limited playback capabilities, which may cause strict digital rights management limitations. However, as long as Amazon continues to expands and avoid future problems, sales will become large revenue opportunities in the future. Further Research Neat are the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon? How do they stack up in elation to actual or potential competition?

How has the decision to produce the Fire turned out? Is Bozos making the right decisions as he guides the firm through today’s many business challenges? Kindle Fire TV, a set-top box for TV viewing of content from streaming providers Nettling and HOBO is one initiative. Amazon also launched Amazon Pantry for non-bulk items and is also testing same-day delivery. An Amazon phone may also be in the works. When free shipping is included customers will more likely than not purchase more because they have a little extra to spend.

The delivery mime has always been great, with Prime its even quicker.

With all that Amazon. Com sells they are a very solid competitor online. They have great customer service. Bozo seems to be making the right decisions for his business.

The decisions turned out to be a good one. The Fire has sold well and content for it has generated a lot of sales. For the most part he has made the right decisions so far. I think reinvesting back into the company is a smart decision. I believe with Amazon’s incredible growth it is wise to reinvest back into their organization to ensure that they will be able to handle the future growth.