Amazon Company

Amazon E-business through its models helps reduce costs of doing business. This, in turn, improves company finances through reduced transaction costs, communication cost as e-business features helps in interchanging of data. The organization would have improved revenue due to accelerated cash flow and larger market share.

Amazon Company is increasingly growing and opening doors to more customers in its business. As an online retail pioneer, the company is increasingly selling its knowledge to major chain stores and groups across the globe. For instance, the joint venture between British retailer Marks and Spencer with Amazon aimed at selling and marketing their products online. Recently, the company also made collaborations with other companies such as Target, NBA and Toys-R-Us. The companies branch at Luxembourg is aimed at providing tailor made services to retailers and clients as a technology service provider in Europe (Paul 32). Service companies are moving quickly to the internet to meet clients.

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They are using internet as their conduit to sell services like online data back up and many more. Learning has also gone online with many courses offered online. All materials, books, and exams are available online for the students. Distance learning is a fast growing mode of learning in the world today through virtual universities. Telecommunications industry has blossomed since the emergence of e-business.

There exists million opportunities for those in this industry from simply selling telecom equipment to services online (Ravi 26). The internet has also enabled distane calls at low costs. Information and content provision is another opportunity where publishers can grow. It enables publishers publish without any investment in printing press, paper or ink. Globalization has removed the physical barriers between economies and regions. Frontiers and boundaries in trade and have been done away with the barriers.

This coupled with the technology revolution that is taking place in the globe today has made it possible for many people to access the internet. E-business has, thus, been boosted by the global IT revolution. The fiber optic cable that is linking continents is the most recent development in the IT sector. The cable enhances the stability of the internet save for its accessibility. This has in turn acted as a key boost to e-business.

When the whole world will be linked via this cable, many will be in a position to trade online. The growing revolution in the IT sector will definitely present a good opportunity for the growth of E-business Amazon.The Amazon E-business has not fully explored the collaborations with public sector. The collaboration between Amazon and British Library in 2004 sets as a precedence for these collaborations. This will help clients search for antique or rare books (Li 45).

The catalogue of published works of the library is now in the Amazon thus over 2.5 million books are now available online. The 2004 Amazon acquisition of biggest online retailer,, helped it move into the Chinese market. This market is one of the biggest in the region and a major entry point into the Far East market. The initial outlay cost for this acquisitioon was estimated to be 75 million USD.

A major advantage of this acquisition was that share many similarities with Amazon as both retails similar products; books, toys, movies, and music. There is a growing demand for online trading in the world today. Since its advent, online trading was feared by many as a scam. It is this fear that stalled the demand of e-business. However, the recent developments in laws covering online trading have gone to remove that fear, hence, the rising demand for e-business.

Millions of clients, suppliers meet daily online for trade in the confidence, that all transactions will be successful just as barter trade. Inter-governmental agreements have also boosted the trust in online trading. Many governments enter into trade agreements that make it easy for citizens to trade in whichever form. This helps in boosting e-business Amazon.Internet economy creates different impressions about economic stability. The initial illusion was that economic stability comes from hard work, imagination creativity among others while presently they imply that money comes by luck.

However, Amazon E-business has seen a stable growth in the recent past, which has been attributed to its strengths. The company has good future prospects as seen from its opportunities. Besides, the growth in e-business can be attributed to the increasing demand for online trading. The growth of the internet to even the remotest parts of the world is an impetus to E-business besides the growing trust for online trading which has alleviated the fear that online trading is a scam. More opportunities still lie ahead unexploited in e-business.